Engagement and Outreach Framework

In collaboration with students and University partners, Multicultural Affairs supports students with its unique three-tiered approach that acknowledges various stages of identity development and engagement. 




Intra-community work focuses on constituency-based support and education, particularly for historically and socially marginalized and underserved communities. Programs and resources explore the intersections of multiple identities within a community; the history of social oppression and how it affects a community; and the experiences and cultural heritage of groups. These programs and resources facilitate stronger understanding of self, deeper sense of belonging, closer connections within communities and better support for historically and socially underserved groups.


Inter-community work focuses on cross-cultural dialogue and building bridges with others across communities. This work involves programs and resources that encourage community education and collaboration among different communities and support the formation of ally groups. Intercultural communication and social justice education are critical components to this tier.

Community Advancement

Building upon both the intra-community and inter-community, community advancement speaks to the work to change individual, cultural and institutional actions and policies that may discriminate or marginalize any group. An integral part of this area is strategically engaging, working and collaborating with members of the University community, including faculty and alumni. Programs and resources include diversity education and training across campus; advocacy on the institutional level; and integration of bystander intervention into campus culture.

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