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Student Travel Form

Congratulations on your upcoming trip!

All students who travel outside New York City on Columbia-Supported Travel (even day trips) are required to complete this form, which provides Columbia University with vital information in the case of an emergency during your trip. Those traveling within the U.S. or its territories should complete the domestic travel section of the form, while those traveling outside the U.S. or its territories should complete the international travel section of the form. (This includes trips to Canada.)

Please submit this form at least one week before you depart. For international travel, it is recommended that you leave a copy of your passport (and visa) with a parent, guardian, or other emergency contact person who is not travelling with you in case of an emergency, including the loss of your passport and/or visa. It is also recommended that you save an electronic copy of these documents that could be accessible to you during your travels.

See the Travel Planning Timelines to learn what steps you need to take and when you need to take them for the type of trip you are taking.

Traveling as a Minor (under 18 years)
If you will be under 18 at the time of departure for your trip, please complete the form, print it out AND have your parent/guardian review and sign the printed copy, which should then be given to your organizational adviser.

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