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2021 Year-End Deadlines for Student Groups

Recognized student groups should take note of the following year-end fiscal closing deadlines for Spring 2021.

N/ATravel Card AppointmentsDue to the discontinuation of Columbia-supported travel, appointments for travel cards have been suspended.
N/APetty CashDue to the discontinuation of in-person programming, the use of petty cash has been suspended.
Friday, April 30Vendor Profile Creation/ModificationFinal date to submit new vendor requests or modify existing records. Any vendor who has not done business with or been paid by Columbia before requires a new vendor profile creation.
Friday, April 30Outgoing Charitable Donations to External
Final date to submit all required documentation and vendor setup request for charitable donations to an outside organization.
Monday, May 10Execution of Contracts/Service Agreements, Performance Agreements, Honoraria, Purchase OrdersFinal date to submit to Administration and Planning ( any outstanding documentation for services provided before Friday, May 10 that have a contract and/or require a purchase order. Any contracts dated after Friday, May 10 will be reviewed on a case-by-case exception basis. See our payment guide for all minimum required documents.
Friday, May 21Invoices and TBERsAll outstanding invoices should be delivered to Administration and Planning (, including requests for TBERs, check requests and travel advance reconciliations.
Friday, May 21Student Group P-Card PurchasesAll required P-Card documentation must be reconciled and submitted by this date and no further transactions may be made. Student group P-Cards will be analyzed for future group eligibility.
Friday, May 21Student Group Co-Sponsorship RequestsFinal date to process transfers between student groups. For student group to student group co-sponsorships, be sure to submit a financial transaction form (FTF).
Friday, May 21Transfers to/from other Departments/Schools/UnitsFinal date to process internal transfer of funds (ITFs) between other units, departments and/or schools. For Columbia department co-sponsorships, correspondence that includes the Journal ID/Internal Transfer of Funding (ITF) number must be submitted to
Friday, May 21LAST CALL for FY21 BudgetEnsure all remaining documentation has been sent to Administration and Planning ( prior to Friday, May 21.
Spending after Friday, May 21 

IMPORTANT: Spending after Friday, May 21 will be reflected in FY22 budget. 

To support student group programming this summer, your adviser may continue to review spending requests for approval.

When you send purchase requests for approval to your adviser, please indicate that you have thoroughly reviewed your financial budget, ensured financial reports are up to date and ensured funds will be available Thursday, July 1.

Friday, May 28EventBrite DepositsWork with your adviser to check Undergraduate Student Life's Eventbrite account for old events to ensure all have been closed out and you have received all payments.
Friday, May 28Deposits/RevenuesIf there is an outstanding cash or check deposit that has not hit your student group account, alert your adviser by Friday, May 28.
Friday, May 28Internal Charges (e.g. Dining, Facilities)Ensure all internal charges that you are anticipating have hit your student group account.
Wednesday, August 4 - Monday, August 16:NO STUDENT GROUP SPENDING Student group spending ends on Monday, August 16. Please plan ahead for any purchases. 
Monday, August 16Student Group Programming EndsThe last day for student group programming and events.

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