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Submit Final Proposal

Only submit a final proposal if you have submitted a preliminary proposal and were invited by the ABP Administrator to submit a final proposal. 

Those submitting a proposal may be accepted with financial supportaccepted without financial support, or rejected.

  • Final proposals accepted with financial support will be awarded help to pay for travel that is based on the team’s final proposal. Teams that accept the ABP supportt are considered ABP-sponsored civic engagement projects and therefore are required to follow the ABP policies and procedures, attend the trainings and to work with the ABP on developing and leading the projects.
  • Final proposals accepted without financial support will be invited to participate in the ABP trainings and will be able to access the ABP for guidance and support. These projects, however, are autonomous from the ABP.


  1. Open the  ABP Final Proposal.doc
  2. Read the instructions and complete the application. You may chose to review a sample proposal (ABP Final Proposal Sample.pdf) to get a better idea of what the review committee will be looking for. 
  3. Save the document as a pdf. 
  4. To SUBMIT your final proposal pdf, you email with the pdf document attached and:
    1. The subject line “[Your Name] - Final Proposal Application: [Spring/Summer]”
    2. Text body: Full Name, Phone Number


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