Student Organization Survey

The Student Organization Survey (SOS) is a brief survey for Undergraduate Student Life advising to collect relevant and necessary information as it pertains to your student group and its operations. The form should be filled out only once per student group, and is a requirement of Club Refuel. While we understand that things may change as the semester progresses, we ask that you fill out the survey as accurately as possible based on your expectations for your organization's activities for the academic year.

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Please note: any/all name changes must be ratified by your governing board.
Examples include, but are not limited to, building and/or testing vehicles or aircraft, strenuous physical activity, working with hazardous materials, building or overseeing the building of any type of infrastructure, etc.
Answer "yes" even if the agreement does not require a signature.
Name of organization; name of contact (if applicable); email; phone number
Examples include, but are not limited to, administrative departments or academic departments.
Non-USL department name; adviser name; adviser email; adviser phone number
If you do not have a website, please write N/A
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