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2017-18 Alternative Break Program Projects

Winter 2018 Projects

Columbia University Emergency Solutions — Ecuador

Project leaders: Maria Pereira and Erika Inoue

Columbia University Emergency Solutions (CUES) is a student-led initiative that works with Fundación Raíz, a non-profit in Ecuador that works with post-disaster survivors mainly through their CAEMBA project.  This year, our goal is to help Fundación Raíz create a step-by-step visual, written and electronic guide to the construction of the CAEMBA model. To accomplish this goal, we will be working with CAEMBA recipients in an improvised camp in Tonsupa, Ecuador and will participate in the construction of a home.

Spring 2018 Projects

Aral Sea World Charity Uzbekistan

Project leader: Robert Willard

We are sending three students to a small town in Western Uzbekistan to plant 1,500 fruit trees and lead a high school training program on community engagement. Our project will provide a source of nutrition, rekindle the local ecosystem and promote self-advocacy within the local community. We also hope to raise awareness of the Aral Sea crisis in the United States.

Summer 2018 Projects

La Huella Moxeña — Beni, Bolivia 

Project leaders: Emily Miller and Natalia Figueredo

The team will help raise awareness of the environmental challenges and potentials of a tropical department of Bolivia populated by the indigenous Mojos people. The project will consist of developing a short film as well as in creating web and Facebook pages so that the community of the region may share their work with local and international audiences more efficiently.

CodePhil  Manila, Philippines

Project leader: Sang Jun Park

CodePhil is a non-profit organization that aims to empower low-income youth in the Philippines through digital literacy education. An inclusive, quality digital literacy education is the foundation for greater opportunities and sustainable development. This summer we will be pursuing our mission through the deployment of our TypePhil software in collaboration with our partners.

Engineers Without Borders — Amanfrom, Ghana

Project leader: Mauricio Rivera

The main mission of EWB-Ghana is to create equal access to clean water throughout the community of Amanfrom, Ghana. In Summer 2018, we will spend four weeks in Amanfrom to work toward this effort by drilling two boreholes which we believe will maximize Amanfrom’s water supply and serve the most residents. Sanitation is the most pressing challenge our project seeks to address, and the immediate benefactors of our success will be women and children. That said, inclusion of women in economic activities, increased education rates, the ability to establish a health clinic and the many other benefits of access to clean water will eventually ameliorate the conditions of the community while addressing other community challenges such as overall health and education.

AlterNATIVE — Wisconsin, North Dakota 

Project leader: Lael Tate

AlterNATIVE Education is an organization that works to engage Native students with indigenous histories, governments, arts and current events that are not talked about often enough in the classroom; to empower Native students as community members, individuals, and agents of change; and finally, to encourage Native students to seriously consider pursuing higher education. 

Movement Exchange — Panama 

Project leader: Armoni Moddy

With this project, our team will be using dance education to improve the lives of underserved youth in two orphanages in Panamá City, Panamá. We will be teaching dance classes to the children at each orphanage for a week, and we are developing a dance curriculum that will be used at these orphanages year-round through sustainable dance programs that will be taught by Panama natives once we leave. 

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