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Program Components


What the Program Provides You:

To participate in the ABP program, project leaders are required to sign an agreement form ensuring they will adhere to a series of expectations related to the above components.


The ABP travel grant covers solely travel expenses (domestic and international flights, which the ABP must purchase directly from airlines) for eligible project team members. Grant amounts vary depending on application evaluation. Team members must also contribute a nonrefundable contribution ($100 for international travel and $50 for domestic travel) which can be applied towards overall flight costs upon purchasing. Teams must comply with Columbia travel and financial policies. 


The ABP provides three mandatory trainings for project team members. These trainings occur during the spring semester and emphasize themes such as identity and cultural humility, project development, and team management. 

Project Support

From the feedback given after submission of preliminary proposals through the travel of projects, the ABP staff provides support in a variety of ways. Frequent check-in meetings are held with team members of the ABP-supported projects. Each check-in meeting is to ensure the team is on-target with project development including fundraising, community partner communication, and team preparations among others.


The ABP seeks to foster community among each year's project cohort as well as past cohorts. At trainings and events such as the Gala, the cohort interacts and has the opportunity to learn from the other projects, sharing ideas and experiences relevant to civic engagement. 


Alternative Break Program


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