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The Interschool Governing Board (IGB)


The Interschool Governing Board (IGB) was initiated by the Student Affairs Committee of the Columbia University Senate in direct response to the specific student concerns and expressed needs of student groups whose composition and mission do not fall under the immediate jurisdiction of already existing governing boards or individual school councils for recognition and funding by Columbia.  

The mission of the Interschool Governing Board (IGB) is to represent and serve the needs of Columbia University student interschool organizations whose membership and mission is interschool in nature and includes a combination of graduate and undergraduate professional schools, groups and students who do not fall under the immediate jurisdiction of other governing boards or individual school councils. IGB is dedicated to overseeing and supporting such student organizations in their efforts to bridge the gaps between various students and academic disciplines on the Columbia University campus. IGB hopes to create a dynamic sense of community that is widely recognized within the Columbia Student body by facilitating multi-disciplinary, multi-interest, multistudent/ faculty community building, programming and dialogue.  

IGB will report to the Senate regarding the state of affairs involving interschool activities and programming and operates under the Office of Student Group Advising.  


Listed below are our guidelines. Please read, review, and abide by them when planning programs or events and managing your student organization.  

Allocation Requests

Currently-recognized IGB groups should submit a budget proposal to the Executive Board with a proposed budget and request for allocations towards the end of spring semester. Dates and forms for submission will be provided by the IGB at that time. The IGB will review the budget requests and set up a time for you to meet with the board.  

A representative(s) (preferably President or Treasurer, but otherwise a board member) of the student group will make a short presentation to IGB in April and present their budget proposal and request. This will be followed by a question and answer period from the IGB about the proposal and request. IGB will vote on the proposals and requests following the presentations.  


Spending on alcohol from the IGB allocation shall be restricted to 20% of the allocated budget. Anything higher than that amount will have to come from the group’s own funding sources.   


Student groups may appeal for additional allocations over the course of the year, and these shall be reviewed on a case by case basis. Please email the IGB to request a meeting and have your proposal ready to present to the board.  


No funding for banners is given. Groups should use their revenue for such an expense.  

Charitable Contributions

Groups may not use any part of their allocation as a contribution to a charitable organization.  


IGB executive officers will need at least two weeks notice before they can meet with any student group. This policy may be waived in case of an emergency.  


If a group spends more than their allocation, they will have to payback the overdraft. This can be done by either fundraising to cover the cost or subtracting the debt from their allocation for the following year.  


IGB is not willing to serve as guarantor for a group’s fundraising efforts where there are expenses associated with the fundraiser that exceed their allocation. Please meet with your advisor & SACBO representative before initiating any fundraising campaigns to ensure compliance with policies and procedures of the University.  

Movie Events

For events with movie screenings, please refer to the Student Affair’s movie policy. All copyright costs need to be paid.  

Partisan Activity

A group cannot use its allocation to actively engage in lobbying for legislation pending in any governmental body. A group cannot use its allocation to actively be involved in the campaign of any person running for office.  

Programming During Breaks

No part of a group’s allocation can be used for summer events. Reimbursements will not normally be granted for summer activities.

There will be no programming over Winter Break except on a case-by-case basis. Groups that want to have programming over Winter Break must inform their advisor before the end of fall semester.  


All reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of the event.  

Spending Without An Adviser’s Signature

Groups are authorized to spend up to $50.00 of their approved budget without an adviser's signature for routine expenses such as food and supplies. However the proper receipts and documentation must be turned into the advising office for processing.  

T-shirts & Uniforms

IGB allocations can not be spent on T-shirts or similar items by the organization for members of the group.  

Transfer Payments and Co-sponsorships

No club should pay another club for services and any co-sponsorship must be fully explained in the voucher. The following information must be included:  

  • Which group is recieving the co-sponsorship  
  • The details regarding how the co-sponsorship money will be used 


Allocations for the travel of group members shall be limited and reviewed for approval on a case-by-case basis. Speak with your adviser before making travel plans.  

Unused Funds

Any unused funds at the end of the spring semester will roll over to the next academic year. Please note that the any unused funds will be taken into consideration when making future allocations to the group.  

Web sites

No allocated funding may be used for the maintenance or creation of outside web sites since groups can use Columbia’s server.

The Interschool Governing Board (IGB)

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