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Meet the Staff

Andrew Plaa's picture

Andrew Plaa

Dean of Advising
Phone: 212-854-6378

Cheryl de Moose's picture

Cheryl de Moose

Phone: 212-854-8731

Joyce Osei's picture

Joyce Osei

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 212-854-9160

Donna Peters's picture

Donna Peters

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 212-854-8983

Matthew Chiarello's picture

Matthew Chiarello

Program Coordinator/Executive Assistant
Phone: 212-854-8717

Matthew Wingert's picture

Matthew Wingert

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 212-854-3514

Academic Department Liaisons

Jessica Dzaman's picture

Jessica Dzaman

Advising Dean
Phone: 212-854-6375

Aileen Forbes's picture

Aileen Forbes

Senior Advising Dean
Phone: 212-851-5812

Justin Snider's picture

Justin Snider

Assistant Dean
Phone: 212-851-9119

Danielle Wong-Asuncion's picture

Danielle Wong-Asuncion

Senior Advising Dean
Phone: 212-854-1873

Nancy Workman's picture

Nancy Workman

Advising Dean
Phone: 212-851-9122

ASP, CUSP & First-Generation Programs

Alex Espana's picture

Alex Espana

Associate Dean
Phone: 212-854-5235

Darius V. Echeverría's picture

Darius V. Echeverría

Advising Dean
Phone: 212-854-8148

Catherine Steindler's picture

Catherine Steindler

Advising Dean
Phone: 212-854-6374

Academic Success Programs (ASP) and First-Generation Programs

Jason Collado's picture

Jason Collado

Assistant Dean
Phone: 212-854-7171

Manoushka Constant's picture

Manoushka Constant

Senior Advising Dean
Phone: 212-854-5020

Marcela Calidonio's picture

Marcela Calidonio

Advising Dean

Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program (CUSP)

Lavinia Lorch's picture

Lavinia Lorch

Senior Assistant Dean
Director, Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program
Phone: 212-854-1832

Chanda Bennett's picture

Chanda Bennett

Advising Dean
Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program
Phone: 212-854-1878

Advising Specialties

Chad Gifford's picture

Chad Gifford

Assistant Dean
Phone: 212-854-6378

Dawn Hemphill's picture

Dawn Hemphill

Advising Dean
Phone: 212-854-6897

Community Outreach

Angie Carrillo's picture

Angie Carrillo

Associate Dean
Phone: 212-854-7308

Joshua Gaynor's picture

Joshua Gaynor

Advising Dean
Phone: 212-854-7307

Kay Hershberger's picture

Kay Hershberger

Advising Dean
Phone: 212-854-0376

Erica Siegel's picture

Erica Siegel

Assistant Dean
Phone: 212-851-9118

Amanda Daugherty's picture

Amanda Daugherty

Advising Dean
Phone: 212-854-4927

Preprofessional Advising

Megan Rigney's picture

Megan Rigney

Associate Dean
Director of Preprofessional Advising and Academic Resources in Support of Excellence
Phone: 212-854-8819

Cynthia Cogdill's picture

Cynthia Cogdill

Advising Dean
Preprofessional Advising
Phone: 212-854-5155

Niki Cunningham's picture

Niki Cunningham

Senior Advising Dean
Preprofessional Advising
Phone: 212-854-2513

Becky Curtin Ugolnik's picture

Becky Curtin Ugolnik

Advising Dean
Preprofessional Advising
Phone: 212-854-9196

MaryMartha E. Ford-Dieng's picture

MaryMartha E. Ford-Dieng

Program Coordinator/Adviser
Preprofessional Advising
Phone: 212-851-9120