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Frequently Asked Questions

CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowships

Can I apply as a senior?

No. Currently this fellowship is only for Scholars in their first, sophomore, and junior summers.

Can I apply for this as a team project with other people?

Yes, you may apply for a joint project. However, each Scholar has to submit a separate application. We always encourage Scholars to work collaboratively where applicable.

Can I apply to this fellowship if I have not secured an internship/research position by the deadline?

Scholars without secured internships can still apply for the internship fellowship, and should list in the application all of the internships they have applied for. Scholars are required to inform the CUSP office by May 30th to provide an update on what internship was finally secured for the summer. Please speak with a CUSP Advisor if this applies to you.

Can I get credit on my transcript for my summer internship?

Columbia College and Columbia Engineering do not provide credit for internships.

Can I indicate more than one internship/research position on the fellowship application?

Yes. Please prepare a complete application listing the different internship/research positions (and the dates) that you will be engaged in during the summer. For further information, please see a CUSP Advisor.

Can I use this money anywhere in the world?

Yes. This fellowship can be applied anywhere in the world.

Can my CUSP Advisor complete the SEF Recommendation Form for me?

CUSP Advisors cannot complete the Recommendation Form for the CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowship. However, if you have a good relationship with our Graduate Student Mentors (GSMs), then they can complete the Recommendation Form at your request.

Do we have to research with a Columbia faculty member?

No. While we encourage Scholars to seek and develop relationships with Columbia faculty, we support research endeavors with faculty from other universities as well. If you have chosen a research advisor who is not a professor at an accredited institution, please see a CUSP Advisor before submitting your application.

Does this cover summer school?

This fellowship does not cover traditional summer school (i.e. courses to meet CORE/major/graduation requirements); however, some summer programs will be considered if they contain a strong research, fieldwork, or experiential education component. Please see a CUSP Advisor prior to submitting your application if your project falls in this category.

How will my Recommender or Faculty Sponsor submit their SEF Recommendation or Faculty Support Form?

Upon completing your online application, you will receive a confirmation email verifying your application submission.  Within the email, there will be an electronic link that you will send to your Recommender or your Faculty Sponsor so that they can submit a recommendation form on your behalf.  Please make note of the deadline for the Recommender and Facutly Support forms and let your contacts know as well.

If I apply for the fellowship this year, will it hurt my chances of applying for the funds next year?

No. Scholars can apply annually for this fellowship until their year of graduation.

If I get an internship abroad, will my airfare be paid?

All grants are based on availability of funds. Please note that CUSP cannot guarantee that you will receive the full amount that you requested.

If I secure a low-paying internship, can I apply to supplement my expenses?

Yes, you can apply. Please be sure to include all sources of funding that you have secured for this internship and please note that CUSP cannot guarantee that you will receive the amount that you request.

What is the average amount awarded?

The average amounts awarded vary.  All grants are considered based on availability of funds.  Please note that CUSP cannot guarantee the amount that you request. 

Who chooses the fellowship awardees?

The CUSP Fellows Selection Committee selects the SEF awardees.

Will there be interviews?

Interviews will no longer be conducted. 

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