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Darius V. Echeverría

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Dean Echeverría was born and raised in the neighboring Garden State. He received his B.A. (magna cum laude) in History from Rutgers University and earned his Ph.D. in American History from Temple University in Philadelphia. Dr. Echeverría has been a college professor for fifteen years, teaching both introductory and specialized upper-level courses in American and World History. His newest class for the Department of History at Columbia, explores the culture, history, and life of Latinos/as. As an active historian, he produces scholarship exploring inequality and social policy, cycles of agency related to constitutional rights, and representations in popular culture from a comparative ethclass perspective. He is the author of Aztlán Arizona (University of Arizona Press, 2014), while continues to work on a new manuscript. Beyond academia, Dean Echeverría has also served as a political aide to New Jersey and federal government appointed and elected officials, ranging from but not limited to the NJ’s Governor’s Office to presidential and senatorial administrations. He is a fan of select New York sports teams; enjoys swimming and volunteering; and is engaged in statewide and regional organizations, coalitions, and boards.