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Maude Meisel

Advising Dean
Phone: 212-854-1878
Pronouns in Use: she/her
Specialty: Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program

Maude has lived in Vermont, Wisconsin, California, Maine, Italy, France, Great Britain, Russia, and most of all, New York. She likes to travel, and, as a student, studied abroad as often as she could. She has a BA in English from Swarthmore and a PhD in Russian from Columbia. She has taught Russian language, literature and culture at Columbia, Middlebury College, SUNY Stony Brook, and the University of California in Riverside, and English literature in St. Petersburg, Russia. Before becoming an advisor at Columbia, she ran the Writing Center and directed an academic support program at Pace University in Westchester. Just for fun, she has also been teaching Lit Hum at Columbia since 2010. Other interests include theatergoing, amateur choral singing, lake swimming, and visiting her daughter, who has inherited her interest in travel and could be anywhere.