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CUSP SEF Internship & Research Assistantship Grant

Summer 2018

The CUSP Practicum & Research Assistantship provides partial financial support for Scholars who wish to participate in an internship or research assistantship over the summer.

The CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowship for Practicums & Research Assistantships is a competitive grant that assists Scholars in securing partial financial support for structured research and internship opportunities (including research-related activities such as conferences, symposia, travel, publications, etc.) and unpaid or low-paying summer practicums (in line with the Program’s mission and the student’s academic trajectory). This opportunity is secured solely by the student. 

* SEF Information Session & Independent Projects Workshop #1 (MANDATORY ATTENDANCE)
Thursday, December 7, 2017
6:00-8:00 p.m.
401 Lerner Hall

A to Z Workshop: for all Scholars applying for Summer Funding (MANDATORY ATTENDANCE)

Application Deadline = Thursday April 12, 2018 (applications will be available in mid-May)



 APPLICATIONS DUE: Thursday, APRIL 12, 2018.  Applications will be available in mid-March 2018 and can be submitted via webform.  Soon you will be able to CLICK HERE to be directed to the application form.


Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee on the basis of their overall fulfillment of the selection criteria.  Incomplete applications and candidates who do not meet the criteria will not be considered.  Interviews for selected applicants, and notification of the final decision, will take place in May. 

  • All Scholars receiving the CUSP Summer Enhancement Fellowship will be expected to update an Edu-blog on a weekly basis during the summer, beginning on the first Friday of their summer fellowship

  • Scholars should include at least one visual representing the project

  • The final blog entry will consist of the Abstract

  • When Scholars blog their final abstract, they will also email their Budget reconciliation and scanned receipts to the Graduate Student Mentor of their edu-blog.  

  • A budget reconciliation report listing your CUSP-related expenses and appropriate original receipts will be due during the Welcome Back Dinner & SEF Showcase in September 2018.


Criteria for Selection: To be considered for the grant, applicants must: (1) have a GPA of at least 3.0; (2) be in good academic standing with Columbia College and the School of Engineering; and (3) be in good standing with CUSP (4) have attended EIGHT CUSP event in an academic year

Applications will be evaluated on: (1) the feasibility, clarity, and coherence of the proposal; (2) the ability of the applicant to undertake the internship/research assistantship; and (3) faculty recommendation.

Human Subjects Research: Many applicants wish to undertake “human subjects research” in which they interview or survey people.  Because of the importance of treating human subjects ethically and ensuring that no harm comes to someone who participates in research, all universities are federally mandated to oversee approval of all human subject research through an Institutional Review Board (IRB). Given the short duration of SEF Independent Projects, CUSP will not support projects by Scholars requiring IRB approval unless they are listed as an approved researcher by the faculty sponsor.  For applicants wishing to undertake such research, the letter from the faculty sponsor must include a statement confirming that the IRB process has been fulfilled.  For questions regarding IRB permits, please contact Ariella Lang in the Office of Academic Affairs. 


In accordance with the new Undergraduate International Travel Policyall students traveling overseas with CUSP SEF funding or through other Columbia led, Columbia facilitated and/or recognized program  must submit a school sponsorship application 4-weeks prior to departure.  We recommend that you complete this application during the time you apply for the CUSP SEF funding.

Once you have received confirmation of your school sponsorship, log in to the Undergraduate Travel Web App to complete:

  • Online Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Sign the Assumption of Risk, Waiver, and Release form

Additionally, all students must:

  • Register their travel (including side trips) through International SOS.
  • Confirm that, while abroad, you will be covered by a health insurance policy that also provides coverage outside the United States for routine, urgent and emergency care.

It is critical that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the Undergraduate International Travel Policy and complete all steps outlined above. For related questions, contact

Students applying to CUSP SEF for funding with overseas opportunities who plan to travel in June must apply for school sponsorship by May 15th.  Submitting a school sponsorship application does not guarantee that you will receive funding.  Similarly, receiving CUSP SEF funding does not guarantee approval of your school sponsorship application.  Please note that students who submit a school sponsorship application and do not receive a CUSP SEF funding award must withdraw their school sponsorship application.   




Learn the difference between the Indendent Project and Internship Grant requirements: SEF_ComparisonChart_2017-18.pdf

* IMPORTANT: CUSP does not vet the safety or security of the setting in which Scholars intend to pursue their projects.  It is the individual students’ responsibility to take the appropriate precautions follwing the approval and recommendations of the Undergraduate Travel Committee.  The nature of this fellowship is solely for financial support.   

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