Credential Assembly Service (CAS)

The Credential Assembly Service (CAS) is the branch of the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) which coordinates much of the law school application process. All applicants must register with CAS before starting their applications.

CAS serves as the clearinghouse for applicant LSAT scores, transcripts, and recommendations. CAS also tracks an applicant's filing status of law school applications. Copies of the LSAT & CAS Registration and Information Book, which is quite informative, are also available in the Office of Pre-professional Advising and on-line.

When registering with CAS, applicants will also want to order school reports. Applicants should order the number of school reports that corresponds to the number of law schools they plan to apply. When the law schools receive an application, they request an applicant's law school report from CAS. Applicants may also order additional school reports after they register with CAS.

CAS fee waivers
are available for qualified applicants. More information is available in the LSAT & CAS Registration and Information Book. The Office of Pre-professional Advising also has the fee waiver packets.

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