Notification Date

There is no single notification date for law school acceptance. Early decision and early access candidates will hear before the end of the year. Some regular acceptances are sent between January and March, but the majority of acceptances are not announced until early April. Initial acceptances and waiting list notifications continue throughout the summer as candidates choose between multiple acceptances.

Supplementary Information

Law schools generally pay attention to supplementary information if they have not yet made a final decision about an applicant. Spring term grades, additional recommendation letters, information about significant new activities or jobs undertaken by the applicant, and any recently-conferred honors should be submitted to law schools as supplements to the original application. Students placed on a waiting list at their first-choice school should inform the admissions committee of other schools of their status.

Financing and Financial Aid

The ability to pay for law school is not a factor in admission. Law schools provide students with financial aid, either in the form of scholarships or loans. Compared with college, however, law school students are expected to assume a much more significant loan burden.


Many law schools will allow students to defer enrollment for a year. Some schools are very permissive about deferral; requests for time off are often granted. Other schools require students to present compelling reasons for deferral. Some schools will not allow students to defer law school at all. Generally, it is preferable for students to defer applying until they are certain they want to attend law school, rather than applying and then deferring attendance.

Further Information

The Office of Preprofessional Advising is always available to answer questions. Applicants are asked to keep the Office of Preprofessional Advising informed of their outcomes and of their final choice of school.

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