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CSA Tutoring Service Guidelines and Policies

In order to request tutoring for one of our approved courses, students must make an appointment with an advising dean, who can request a tutor on their behalf. After the request has been received, students will recieve an email from informing them on the status of their request, and (if applicable), instructions on how to sign-up for a tutoring session. If the request has been approved, students will also receive a separate email with a username and password for the online scheduling system.

Please read the following rules and guidelines for the CSA Tutoring Service

  • Tutoring sessions will be held in pairs.
  • Students may sign up for tutoring for up to two hours per week per course approved.
  • Students may be approved for tutoring in up to three courses.
  • Students may sign up for tutoring with any tutor that is listed under their approved course, and may sign up for tutoring each week if they wish to do so.
  • Students may make appointments seven days in advance, and up to 6 hours before the scheduled start time.
  • Students can cancel their session up to 6 hours before the scheduled start time.
  • Students who miss more than two sessions will no longer be able to sign-up for tutoring.
  • Students may not sign up for tutoring in courses that were not requested and approved by the CSA Tutoring service.
  • Students should come to the tutoring session prepared with all relevant course materials (textbook, lecture notes, syllabus etc.) and with specific questions for their tutor.
  • Tutoring sessions begin during the third week of class, and end on the last day of class.
  • There is no tutoring during university holidays or breaks.
  • The CSA Tutoring service forbids tutors and students from working on homework or assigned problems during the tutoring session, since this would be a violation of academic integrity guidelines and standards.

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