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Columbia Journey Seminars for First-Years


The goal of the CUSP Columbia Journey Seminar (CJS) is to foster an environment in which first-year Scholars begin to cultivate a relationship between their emerging individual interests and the needs and opportunities of Columbia’s academic and social communities. The CJS curriculum offers Scholars the unique opportunity to learn about themselves, Columbia, and the immediate Columbia community (Harlem and Morningside Heights), as well as the greater community of New York City. The seminar introduces them to principles of inquiry and the practice of research by gaining exposure to key resources in the university and surrounding city.

Attendance: Every Scholar must sign up for one CJS section that meets for one hour weekly, eight times per semester.

Syllabus: 2014-15




Scholars exploring Harlem for the CJSScholars exploring Harlem for the CJS        Scholars on a tour of the Lower East Side of New York for the CJSScholars on a tour of the Lower East Side of New York for the CJS

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