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The Office of Preprofessional Advising works closely with students who are interested in careers in the health professions. We hope that the information on this site will help Columbia students and alumni prepare to make a successful application to a program in the health professions. Since a large majority of Columbia students who are interested in health professions apply to allopathic medical school, much of the information on these pages is dedicated to this area. However, much of the information is pertinent to other health professions programs, as well.

Columbia offers an excellent academic preparation for a career in the health professions. Students receive assistance in selecting an appropriate path through the curriculum depending on their areas of interest. The Preprofessional Advising team, along with advisors in the Berick Center for Student Advising are available to help undergraduates and alumni investigate their options in health care, and guide and support candidates through the application process to graduate professional programs.

The Premedical Handbook contains extensive information for premed students on planning their course of study. The Predental Handbook contains information specifically for students interested in pursuing dental medicine.

Working With Your Advisers

First-years and sophomores who intend to apply to health professional school should work with their academic advisers in the CSA to set forth a course of premedical studies.  The academic advisers in the CSA work closely with the health professions advisers to guide students through their prehealth years.

Prehealth advisers are also available to students at any time.  Students may schedule an advising appointment with any prehealth adviser through the CSA online appt scheduling portal. 

Students should also work closely with their departmental faculty advisers to plan for the completion of their major or concentration requirements.


Prehealth Listserv

All students considering a future in the health professions should sign up for the prehealth listserv.

Instructions can be found on this page.


Preprofessional Advising


403 Alfred Lerner Hall
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Call: 212-854-6378

Advising by Appointment

Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm 

Prehealth Virtual Drop-In Advising Hours

Mon - Thu, 12pm - 1pm 

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*Drop in Hours are only for CC/SEAS undergraduate students