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International or foreign students are defined as those students who are not green card holders or permanent residents. Permanent residents are generally treated the same as all U.S. citizens. As discussed earlier, most medical, veterinary and dental schools give some preference to residents of their state which automatically makes application more difficult for an international student without a green card. In addition, many schools that will consider students from outside their state will not consider international students.

International students not holding a green card will have a more challenging time in the medical/veterinary school admissions process, because only a limited number of schools can consider them. To illustrate this point, in 2002, only 181 international students enrolled in US medical schools out of a total national enrollment of 17,445. This number is so small because even for the private medical schools that are open to international students, some have policies which may require evidence of the student’s capacity to pay tuition above and beyond the INS requirements for an I20. In fact some schools may require the student to pre-pay tuition for the entire 4 years or create an escrow account for these funds. Some institutions may accept loans cosigned by a US citizen. International students do not qualify for financial aid, with the exception of merit scholarships at a few institutions.
Of all of the health professions, dental schools seem to be the most friendly to international students.

This .pdf contains a chart, divided by state, listing accredited US Medical Schools and their policy on admitting International Students. For the schools that do accept such applications, it also lists the financial expectations placed on admitted International students. All schools listed presume that International Applicants will have completed undergraduate degrees in the US or Canada, or, at minimum, all premedical prerequisites at a US or Canadian Institution.


Joint Program Opportunity

DUKE-NUS Graduate Medial School Singapore

Duke-NUS Medical School is a unique collaboration between two leading universities: Duke University in the United States and the National University of Singapore (NUS). The MD curriculum spans 4 years. Graduates are awarded the degree of Doctoral Medicine (MD) jointly by Duke University and NUS.

CC and SEAS undergraduates and alumni are encouraged to make an appointment with our office for more information on this program.

Eligibility : Outstanding students who are completing or have completed their Bachelor’s (or Master’s or PhD) in any discipline are welcome to apply. Formal or informal training in the sciences or engineering is particularly welcome. Students with MBBS degrees are not eligible. Students with connections to Singapore and the surrounding area are encouraged to apply.

Service Commitment: In return for generous educational subsidies provided by the government of Singapore for the full tuition, all medical students are required to sign a service commitment agreement prior to entry in Duke-NUS.
For students enrolled in Duke-NUS, the service commitment period is as follows:
  • 4 years for Singapore citizens
  • 5 years for international students and Singapore permanent residents

Deadline: Online applications are now open till December 1.

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