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When the AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS applications are open, students can download a transcript request form for each school they have attended (including study abroad) and request transcripts from the Registrar. The Registrar will send your transcript to the centralized application service for verification.  Supplying the Registrar with the request form will insure proper matching of the transcript to your electronic file. The centralized application service will verify all grades and forward them to the applicant's prospective medical schools. Applicants must include spring grades on the application itself. Applicants must also send official transcripts directly to the schools which do not participate with the centralized application services.
If the students' fall term grades improve their overall grade point average, they should send the grades directly to the schools they're applying to, but should not submit them to the centralized application service. However, students should remember that grades included with the original application have a much greater impact than fall term grades, and that, depending on the timing of their arrival, fall term grades may not be looked at, at all.

Veterinary Medical

Official transcripts should be sent directly to each of the schools to which the student is applying.

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