Kluge Fellows & Projects


Joy Achuonjei, CC ‘11
     Title:  “The Best of Both Worlds: Healthcare Decision Making in Aghem, Cameroon”
     Advisor:  Dr. Angela Aidala (Sociomedical Sciences)

George Baison, CC ‘10
     Title:  “Elucidating the Potential Regulation of the Prevalence of Soil Transmitted Helminths (STHs) by Farm Species Richness in Sauri, Kenya”
     Advisor:  Dr. Shahid Naeem, Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B)

Frances Bodomo, CC ‘10
     Title:  “Stifling and Silencing: Problems Faced in the Worldwide Distribution of 21st Century Ghanian Films”
     Advisor:  Dr. Richard Pena, School of the Arts (Film Division)

James Francis, CC ‘10
     Title:  “Spear of the Nation: Urban Space and Political Consciousness in Contemporary South Africa”
     Advisor:  Dr. Mamadou Diouf, Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies (MESAAS)

Eva Gonzalez-Ruskiewicz, CC ‘10
     Title:  “Representation of the Favela and its Residents by the DJs of Rio de Janeiro Internet Radio Station AfroReggaeDigital”
     Advisor:  Dr. Ana Maria Ochoa, Music

Anjelica Hernandez, CC ‘11
     Title:  “The Communication Gap in Mexico: Judicial Access for the Nahuas in Mexico”
     Advisor:  Dr. Caterina Pizzigoni, History


Maria, Abascal, CC’ 09
     Title:  “A Language for Freedom: Talking about Democracy in Civic Associations”
     Advisor:  Dr. Dana Fisher, Sociology

Ayla Bonfiglio, CC ‘09
     Title:  “Measuring the Self Reliance of Urban Refugees in Kampala, Uganda”
     Advisor:  Dr. Kimuli Kasara, Political Science

Cleo Carter, CC ‘10
     Title:  “Patient Participants in Emergency Medicine Research: Whom Do We Capture?”
     Advisor:  Dr. David Newman, Emergency Medicine, St. Luke’s Hospital

Kwaku Kyere, CC ‘09
     Title:  “Effects of Early Paternal Rearing on Social Fear in Adult Rats”
     Advisor:  Dr. Christoph Wiedenmayer, Psychiatry (Columbia Presbyterian Hospital)

Sarracina Littlebird, CC ‘09
     Title:  “Fish as Food and Money: An Exploration of the Role of Ingenious Knowledge Traditions in Addressing the Political and Economical Conflicts over Fish Resources in the Peruvian Amazon”
     Advisor: Dr. Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez, Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B)


Maria Abascal, CC '09
     Title: "Shifting Loyalties: Family Ties, Disillusionment, and the Changing Face of Cuban-American Party Identification"
     Advisors: Dr. Jose Moya, History (Barnard)

Amy Duffuor, CC '09
     Title: "Transnationalism: What Is Its Effect on Ghanaian Migrants Living in the Bronx, NY?"
     Advisors: Dr. Steven Gregory, Anthropology

Desirée Carver-Thomas, CC '09
     Title: "Indigenous Tourism in the Carib Territory: Intersections of Power and Identity"
     Advisors: Dr. Maxine Weisgrau, Anthropology (Barnard)

Francisco Laso, CC '08
     Title: "Anthropogenic Pressures and Effects on Podocnemis Turtles (P. expansa, P. unifilis, P. sextuberculata) in the Iquitos Area of the Peruvian Amazon"
     Advisors: Dr. Matthew Palmer and Dr. Oscar Pineda-Catalan, Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Biology

Christien Tompkins, CC '08
     Title: "Crossing the Gates: Columbia University and the Struggle for Harlem Abstract"
     Advisors: Dr. Samuel Roberts, History & Sociomedical Sciences


Keith Hernandez, CC ‘07
     Title: “Traversing Discourse: Lay Catholics in the Cristero Period, 1925-1930”
     Advisors: Dr.  Pablo Piccato, History

Monica Cuevas, CC ‘07
     Title: “Parent Teacher Associations: How Do They Differ Among Similar Schools?”
     Advisors: Melinda Mechur Karp, adjunct, Sociology

Jennifer Wilson, CC ‘07
     Title: “The Racialization of the Radical: The Politics of the Body in Pre-Revolutionary Russian Literature”
     Advisors:  Dr. Liza Knapp,  Slavic Languages

Matthew Rey, CC ‘07
     Title: “A Bluer Wave: Democratic Gains in New York City’s Suburban Precincts”
     Advisors: Dr. Ester R. Fuchs, International & Public Affairs and Political Science

Jennifer Oki, CC ‘07
     Title: “The New South Africanism: Youth, Arts, and the Making of the New South Africa”
     Advisors: Dr. Robin D. G. Kelley, Anthropology


Eremi Amabebe, CC ‘06
     Title: "The Nollywood Film Industry and Nigerian Identity"
     Advisors: Dr. Richard Pena, Arts

Fiori Berhane, CC ‘07
     Title: "The Women of the Eritrean People's Liberation Front: Then and Now"
     Advisors: Dr. Brian Larkin, Anthropology (Barnard)

Rita Harvey, CC ‘07
     Title: "Construction of Sexual Identity in Black Feminist Literature"
     Advisors: Dr. Farah Griffin, English & Comparative Literature

Keith Hernandez, CC ‘07
     Title: “Electoral Non-governmental Organizations and Mexico’s Transition to Democracy”
     Advisors: Dr. Pablo Piccato, History

Jennifer Oki, CC ‘07
     Title: "The New South Africanism: Youth, Arts, and the Making of the New South Africa"
     Advisors: Dr. Robin Kelley, Anthropology

Gabrielle Ramos, CC ‘06
     Title: “United States Medicaid System vs. Canada’s Universal Healthcare System: Effects on the Urban Homeless’ Access to Healthcare in New York City and Toronto”
     Advisors: Dr. Judith Russell, Political Science

Kimberly Ramos, CC ‘06
     Title: “Asymmetric Synthesis of Amino Acids Using Peptide-Based Polyamine/Pyridoxamine Systems”
     Advisors: Dr. Ronald Breslow, Chemistry/Biological Sciences

Claudia Sandoval, CC ‘06
     Title: “Plan Ecuador: An Evaluation of Legislative Policies & Assistance for Columbian Immigrants in Ecuador”
     Advisors: Dr. Scott B. Martin, Political Science

Kwame Spearman, CC ‘06
     Title: “Harlem's Empowerment Zone: How has the $300 million governmental aid given to the Harlem community affected business in the area?”
     Advisors: Dr. Beverly Watkins, Sociomedical Science


Bethlehem Dejene, CC ‘05
     Title: “The Influence of Islam on Ethiopian Talismanic Scrolls”
     Advisors: Dr. Roger Bagnall, Classics

Reginald Gossett, CC ‘06
     Title: “Political Inactivity in Boston’s Communities of Color”
     Advisors: Dr. Gary Okihiro, International & Public Affairs

Christopher Johnson, CC ‘06
     Title: “Inventos: Cuban Hip-Hop & the Implications of its Self-Sustainability”
     Advisors: Laurent Alfred, adjunct, African American Studies

Evita Mendiola, CC ‘05
     Title: “A Fish on Fulton's Doorstep: The End of Manhattan's Maritime Community and Era”
     Advisors: Dr. Mary Marshall Clark, Oral History Research Office

Talibah Newman, CC ‘06
     Title: “The African Legacy of Spirituality in Cuba: The Survival and Growth of Santeria”
     Advisors: Dr. Carlos Riobo, Spanish & Latin American Cultures (Barnard)

Gabrielle Ramos, CC ‘06
     Title: “United States Healthcare System vs. Canada's Universal Healthcare System: Effects on the Urban Homeless' Access to Healthcare Case Studies: New York City & Toronto”
     Advisors: Shelley Burt, adjunct, Political Science

Roberto Reyes-Gaskin, CC ‘06
     Title: “Contestation, Confrontation, and Renegotiation in Brasilia: Changes in the Use of Urban Spaces in the Plano Piloto Since 2002”
     Advisors: Dr. Pablo Piccato, History

LaToya Tavernier, CC ‘05
     Title: “Overrepresentation of Blacks in Local News Broadcasts of Violent & Drug Related Crimes: A Pilot Study”
     Advisors: Dr. Carl Hart, Psychiatry


Denaka Perry, CC ‘04
     Title: “Reruns in History”
     Advisors: Dr. Robert Hanning, English & Comparative Literature

Bethlehem Dejene, CC ‘05
     Title: “Church of Bethlehem: The Survival of Degua Liturgy in Ethiopia”
     Advisors: John Pemberton, Anthropology

Stephanie Leon, CC ‘04
     Title: “The Price of Victory: How Winning the Battle Can Lose the War—the Effects of the Plains Wars on the Sioux”
     Advisors: Dr. Samuel Moyn, History

Andrea Woodley, CC ‘05
     Title: “Family Capital: An Educational Perspective on Structures of Stratification”
     Advisors: Vanessa Morest, adjunct, Sociology

Ileana Dulce Mendez-Penate, CC ‘04
     Title: “Race, Sexuality, and Sex Politics in Chelsea”
     Advisors: Dr. Nan Rothschild, Anthropology (Barnard)

Marvin Edmead, CC ‘04
     Title: “AIDS Communication to Young African Americans: Trends of the New York City Department of Health, 1981-2002”

Silvia Banderas, CC ‘04
     Title: “The Invisible Victims of the World Trade Center”
     Advisors: Dr. Nicholas De Genova, Anthropology

Milka Milliance, CC ‘04
     Title: “In the Diaspora: Constructing a Gendered Identity Amongst Second Generation Haitian-American Female Students at Columbia University”
     Advisors: Dr. Lila Abu-Lighod, Anthropology

Alden Young, CC ‘04
     Title: “A Case Study of the Alexandrian Riots of 1882 and British Intervention in Egypt”
     Advisors: Dr. Samuel Moyn, History

Derek Mitchell, CC ‘03
     Title: “Ghandi’s Hind Swaraj and Contemporary Gandhian Movements in India”
     (Derek was a graduating senior using the grant to serve as introductory work towards a dissertation on ethics in popular Hinduism)

Jamie Hodari, CC ‘04
     Title: “Movement in Power: the Hindu Nationalist Fusion of Movement and Party in Contentions Politics”
     Advisors: Dr. Amrita Basru, Political Science (Amherst)
     Dr. Mark Kesselman, Political Science (Columbia)


Amber Baylor, CC’02
     Title: “From Rowhouse Windows: An Oral History-Based Narrative of a Contemporary African American Community—12th Street Northwest, Washington, DC”
     Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Blackmar, History

Viviana Rodriguez, CC’02
     Title: “Hiding Homosexuality”
     Advisor:Dr. Martin Puchner

Steffani Jemison, CC ‘02
     Title: “Cultural Criticism, Racial Essentialism, and Critical Pragmatism: Reading Alain Locke’s Race Contacts and Inter-racial Relations”
     Advisor:Dr. Farah Griffin, English & Comparative Literature

Oliver Sellers-Garcia, CC ‘02
     Title: “Jobs in New York: A Sociological Study of New York City Occupations”
     Advisor:Dr. Peter Bearman, Sociology

Imo Imeh, CC ‘02
     Title: “A New Vision: Exploring the Extent to Which Black Art Should Be Considered Essentially on Political Grounds”
     Advisor:Dr. Richard Brilliant, Art History & Archaeology

Anthony Morales, CC ‘02
     Title: “Seekin’ the Cause: Art/Healing Through Nuyorican Literature of Piri Thomas & Miguel Pinero”
     Advisor:Dr. Nicole Marwell, Sociology

Anya Allen, CC ‘02
     Title: “Popular Culture and the Politicization of Ethnicity in Trinidad and Tobago”
     Advisor:Dr. David Scott, Anthropology

Andrea Hauge, CC ‘02
     Title: “Contradictions in a Stalled Integration Process: MERCOSUR Through the Lens of Bolivian Migration—A Comparative Study of Labor Mobility of Migrants with the EU and NAFTA Cases”
     Advisor:Dr. Robert Smith, Sociology (Barnard)

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