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Spring 2022 - Upcoming workshops:

Columbia University makes every effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Contact for accommodations.

Preparing for Finals - Create a Study Plan (4/22) - 2pm-3pm

Feeling the test prep pressure? Not sure where to start? Columbia College and Columbia Engineering students are invited to join us as we discuss the best strategies for conquering your finals, from creating a study plan all the way to exam day.

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Spring 2022 - Previously held workshops:

Ready, Set, Goals! - A Smarter Goal Setting Workshop - (2/4)

Start the semester on the right foot with an exercise in goal setting. Learn not only how to set realistic goals but how to plan the actionable steps to achieve them.  In this interactive workshop, you will define, clarify, and prioritize your goals, identify potential obstacles and set a plan in motion for their achievement.    

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Study Better, Study Together: The Benefits of Study Groups (2/25)

Want to better prepare for tests, essays, or assignments? Joining a study group can help! Join the Peer Academic Skills Consultants to discuss how to set up effective study groups and get the most out of your study group sessions! Why study in groups? 

  • Share your talents
  • Cover more material from different perspectives
  • Fight procrastination
  • Take on personal responsibility
  • Develop teamwork and problem solving skills
  • Have fun!

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"Where do I start?" Effective Strategies for Tackling Lengthy Papers​ (3/4)

Thinking about writing a senior thesis? Wondering how to tackle that 25-page paper? Join the Peer Academic Skills Consultants to discuss effective research techniques, making the most of Columbia's vast library resources, and how to plan for long-term projects! Whether you are in the middle of writing or at the beginning of the process, all are welcome!

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Fall 2021 - Previously held workshops:

Making the Most of Academic Resources - (9/10)

Get a jump start on the school year! Join us in exploring the academic resources available to you at Columbia. Learn more about how to utilize resources like tutoring, peer academic skills consulting, TAs, and more! This workshop will help you prepare to tackle the semester!

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Train Your Brain: The Science of Time Management - (9/24)

Feeling overwhelmed? Wondering how to juggle classes, clubs, and new friends? Prone to procrastination? Get your semester off to a great start at this workshop designed to help improve your time management skills. Using science-based strategies, we'll explore the best methods for scheduling, studying, and finding time to relax.

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Speaking with Professors - (10/1)

Are you nervous about going to office hours with professors? Worried that you will not have anything to talk about? Do you sometimes find yourself battling with thoughts that you do not belong here at Columbia with so many brilliant minds? If so, our upcoming workshop on Speaking with Professors might help you! Office hours and professors are excellent resources for getting content help in a class, building relationships for letters of recommendation, and so much more. In this workshop we will go over different strategies for connecting with and starting relationships with professors - regardless of your year, major, or experience in the field!

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Other Campus Workshops/Events

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