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Train Your Brain: The Science of Time Management

Feeling overwhelmed? Wondering how to juggle classes, clubs, and new friends? Prone to procrastination? Get your semester off to a great start at this workshop designed to help improve your time management skills. Using science-based strategies, we'll explore the best methods for scheduling, studying, and finding time to relax.

February 9th @ 1 pm

March 2nd @ 3 pm


Lerner Hall 401



Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Science Research Experience

Doing science research over the summer? Join us for a workshop designed to help you have a successful research experience. Dr. Vesna Gasperov, Undergraduate Science Research Advisor, will discuss how to prepare for your research experience, set realistic expectations, establish strong connections with your lab mentors, and get the most out of the experience.


April 6th @ 1:30 - 2:30 pm


Lerner Hall 401



How to Survive Finals

Feeling the test prep pressure? Not sure where to start? Join us as we discuss the best strategies for conquering your finals, from creating a study plan all the way to exam day.

May 4th @ 3 pm


Lerner Hall 401



Past Events

Making the Most of Academic Resources

Struggling in class? Wondering how to make the most out of interactions with professors, TAs, and other on-campus support? Join us for a discussion on communicating and creating productive relationships with Columbia's many academic resources. Meet with a TA and tutor who can share first hand experience and advice on establishing connections with TA's and tutors.

February 2nd @ 1 pm

James H. and Christine Turk Berick Center for Student Advising


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