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The purpose of the CUSP Alliance is to place the Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program in the hands of the Scholars by recognizing and formalizing a core of proactive Scholar leaders who desire to play an integral role in developing the Program. The CUSP Alliance offers the Scholars creative and constructive opportunities to serve as ambassadors between the CUSP administration, the Scholar population, and the greater Columbia, New York City, and global communities. They gain experience organizing and facilitating long-term community and civic programming that serves not only as an opportunity to foster a sense of community within CUSP but as one of many examples of the powerful results possible through application of CUSP ideologies.


Founded in September 2005, the CUSP Alliance became a structure through which Scholars are empowered in their own Program under the direct guidance and supervision of the CUSP Administrators. This Scholar leadership upholds the CUSP leadership ethos and was initially conceptualized and implemented by the CUSP administration as a natural extension and enhancement of the original Scholars Advisory Board (a panel of twelve Scholars appointed to the Board by application, who acted as liaisons between the Scholars and the Office and helped brainstorm ideas for the Program). Scholars immediately participated and assumed leadership roles with an unforeseen vigor. Formerly known as the Scholars Governing Board & Scholars Advisory Council, the CUSP Alliance renamed itself to distinguish the organization as a collective of like minds inclusive of not only Scholars, but also their growing supporters in the Columbia community. 

2024-25 Events

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Pomodoro Study Session, Date TBA

The purpose of this activity is to provide CUSP members (freshmen and upperclassmen) with a productive morning routine filled with fellowship, snacks, and homework. We used the Pomodoro technique which is a focus method based on studying in time intervals to make work easier and lighter. It was created by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s when he was struggling to keep focus and found a tomato (Pomodoro in Italian) shaped kitchen timer that allowed him to work for 25 minutes and break for 5. We will be using his technique for the study session with a longer break after 2 “Pomodoros”.

Meet the CUSP Alliance Board of 2024-25

Aleska Medrano Lujan (lead) 

Dayana Sharlyn Vargas Pineda

Jasmine Velasco

Ronil Awalegaonkar

Juno Marques

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