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Undergraduate International Travel Policy


As you prepare to embark on a new global adventure, we want to start by congratulating you! At Columbia, College Walk extends around the world and we are excited for your next steps. We support and encourage you to be the best prepared and most informed travelers – in both the travel-planning process and throughout your travel – and so we have outlined the necessary steps to keep you safe while allowing you the freedom to explore.

Next Steps

  1. Confirm that you are covered under the Undergraduate International Travel Policy.
  2. Log in to the Undergraduate Travel Web App to complete your School Sponsorship application no later than 4 weeks prior to departure. Include all travel destinations and side trips while abroad.
  3. Once you've received confirmation of your School Sponsorship, log in to the Undergraduate Travel Web App to do the following no later than 2 weeks prior to departure
    1. Complete the Pre-Departure Orientation and
    2. Sign the Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release form 
    3. Register the details of your travel (including departure flights, return flights, accommodations and side trips) through the University’s international travel assistance service, International SOS (ISOS)
    4.  Confirm you will abide by Columbia policies while abroad: 
      • You will be covered by a health insurance policy that provides routine coverage outside the United States, as well as for urgent and emergent care (this is covered for all travelers on Columbia Travel).
    5. Complete and/or adhere to any additional safety protocol measures recommended by the Undergraduate Travel Review Committee.

If there are changes to your itinerary or location, please log into the Undergraduate Travel Web App to update your School Sponsorship application.

Countries Subject to CU Travel Advisories

Please note that some countries may be subject to travel restrictions. You can check the list here. If you are planning Columbia-related travel to any of the countries listed, please contact

Additional Information

  • Applying for School Sponsorship is the process an undergraduate will complete to obtain school-level approval after securing an opportunity that would require international travel for Columbia-Led, Columbia-Facilitated and/or Recognized Travel.
  • The required Pre-Departure Orientation will be available through the Undergraduate Travel Web App once you have been granted School Sponsorship.
  • The required Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release form will be available through the Undergraduate Travel Web App once you have been granted School Sponsorship.

Need Program Approval?

If you are a Columbia faculty or staff member and have an opportunity, program or excursion that is recognized or supported by Columbia and involves international travel, please see our Travel Programs page.


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