Committee on Academic Standing

What is the Committee on Academic Standing?

CAS is comprised of Advisers and Advising Deans from the Center for Student Advising (CSA). CAS upholds the policies and regulations of the Columbia College (CC) and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) Committees on Instruction (COI), and determines when circumstances warrant exceptions. CAS meets weekly to review petitions on a case-by-case basis. Decisions seek to uphold the rules of the CC and SEAS COIs while treating students equitably, bearing in mind the particular circumstances surrounding each student’s petition.

Why do students submit petitions to the Committee?

Students may submit the following petitions, at the start of given semester.  The links below will be available on the first day of term. If you're looking for a petition and do not see it below, please contact your adviser. Please note you must consult with your adviser before submitting a petition. 

Most of the individual petitions listed above can also be found here

When is the deadline for petitioning?

The Committee meets weekly during the academic year.  A petition will be considered only if it is submitted to the Center for Student Advising by 3pm on the preceding Friday.  Please include any required documentation and forms. Your petition must be thorough, clear, and legible; incomplete information will mean a delay in the Committee’s response. 

How do I find out the Committee’s decision?

The Committee on Academic Standing will notify you of its decision by email five business days after the Committee has reviewed your petition.

What if my petition has been denied?

If your petition is not approved, and you have new or updated information not available to the Committee at the time of its decision, you may submit an appeal. You should consult with your adviser before filing an appeal so that you have a more complete understanding of the decision. Appeals must be submitted in writing within 10 days of you being informed in writing of the Committee's original decision.

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