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Interested in taking an international section of University Writing in Spring 2022?

Each semester, Columbia offers a few sections of University Writing geared toward non-native speakers of English who wish to focus a bit more on issues of second-language acquisition and adjusting to a new academic culture. This international section will provide extra support and instruction on sentence-level issues, while also highlighting common expectations of American academic writing, including the use of sources, paragraph length and structural organization. The section will otherwise be identical to the typical University Writing section (including grading, readings and overall workload).

If you wish to enroll in an international section of University Writing for Spring 2022, please express your interest in an email to Justin Snider, Assistant Dean (, by Monday, November 15th. The international sections are planned for Mon/Wed 11:40 am-12:55 pm and Tues/Thurs 11:40 am-12:55 pm. In your email to Dean Snider, please specify your preference (if you have one) for the Mon/Wed section or the Tues/Thurs section.

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