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NSOP 2013 Crew Requisition

Event Information
Event breakdown time can be the same as event end time if no breakdown is needed.
One crew consists of one crew chief and approximately 8 to 10 orientation leaders.
The more information you provide, the better Personnel will be able to appropriately staff your program.
In complete sentences, describe what materials are needed to run event and where crews will be able to find them.
Contact Information
Please include staff person's email address and office number. Do not list a staff person's cell number unless they offer to give it to you.
Include floorplans, event diagrams, additional information, things to pay special attention.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx.
Event Instructions
Please give detailed information on what needs to be done before the event starts.
Please give detailed information on what needs to happen during the event.
Please give detailed instructions on what needs to happen for an event to be broken down.

Extension of the Fraternity & Sorority Community

A moratorium on new extension efforts is currently in effect from the Office of Residential Life-Fraternity & Sorority Life and supported by the Dean of Undergraduate Student Life through 2017.

Resources and FAQs

The Frequently Asked Questions page addresses common needs for international undergraduate students in Columbia Coll

New Member Summit Survey

This survey is intended for new members who have attended the New Member Summit. Please fill it out completely in order to help the Fraternity and Sorority Life staff and student leaders make the most out of the New Member Summit program. 


Pre-Calendaring Event Info Form Spring 2013

In order to best advocate for your group during the Pre-Calendaring space conflict process, please provide the following information for your adviser. If you have any questions or concerns about this form, contact your adviser directly.

Organization Information
Ranked 1st Request
Include information about the history of your event, if it’s a tradition at CU and expected attendance (Limit response to 250 words)
date, location, length of event, or time (Limit response to 250 words)
i.e., what set up and breakdown requirements do you have? Do you need furniture? Do you need rehearsal time with AV-Tech? Do you require TIC support?
(Please provide alternative date, location, length of event, or time)

New Member Discontinuation Form

This form is to be completed within 48 hours after a voluntary discontinuation of new member education from a student. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Fraternity and Sorority Life staff at


2013 Orientation Leader Applicant Evaluation Form

Please give the highlights and areas of concern for the candidate in this area.
Please give the highlights and areas of concern for the candidate in this area.
Please give the highlights and areas of concern for the candidate in this area.
Please give the highlights and areas of concern for the candidate in this area.

Interest Form for OMA Groups

Please let us know if you are interested in getting involved in and helping reenergize these student organizations that are advised out of the Office of Multicultural Affairs: 


ASB NYC Performing Arts 2013 Evaluation

Thank you all for your participation in the Alternative Spring Break: NYC Performing Arts.  Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey as it will greatly help us in further developing this program.


ASB NYC: Performing Arts
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree Nor DisagreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
1. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I can name new artists (ones I didn't know prior to the ASB) *
2. I will continue to explore the venues visited during the ASB as well as seek out new ones *
3. From the observations of artists and work I made while on the ASB Program, I have developed (and will continue to develop) new tools/skills useful to me as I continue my work (on campus and beyond) *
4. I plan on finding ways to continue to work with my ASB colleagues *
5. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I have a much deeper sense of how artists make work *
6. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I can express more clearly the value the performing arts has in its ability to illumniate the human experience *
7. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I can list several positive effects that come from being a part of a communal experience (ie. audience) *
8. The ASB Program increased my knowledge of career choices within the performing arts *
9. I developed close relationships with some of my fellow ASB students *
For numbers 1 through 4, please use the space below to expand on your answers
12345Did not participate
1. Orientation (in Room 477) *
2. Viewing of STREB rehearsal *
3. Opening Dinner (Ovest Restaurant) *
4. Tour of Baryshnikov Arts Center *
5. Face the Music / Jack Concert *
6. Talk with Daniel Fish (and Stage Manager, Jason) *
7. Peter and the Starcatcher *
8. Litlle Lord's Pocahontas and Talk Back with creative team *
9. Observation ofDaniel Fish's rehearsal with actors *
10. Viewing and Q&A with Brian Brooks Moving Company *
11. Planetarium (BAM) *
12. Group Discussion I (Room 505, large table) *
13. Concrete Escort (Guggeheim) *
14. Kate Weare Company (92nd St Y) *
15. Alumni Brunch and Panel Discussion *
16. Jackie (Women's Project @ City Center Stage II) *
17. Oktophonie Artist Talk *
18. Oktophonie Performance (Park Avenue Armory) *
19. Group Discussion II (Black Box Theater) *
20. The White Piece (La Mama) *
21. Closing Dinner *
22. ASB Binder of Information *
Too FewJust RightToo Many
1. The number of performances we saw was: *
2. The number of Workshops/Panels/Talk Backs in which we participated was: *
3. The number of discussions we had was: *

Statement of Shared Values

About the Statement

In the fall of 2010 the fraternity and sorority community was challenged to define what it meant to be Greek at Columbia University.


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