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Student Engagement

Columbia College Travel Fund Debrief Form

All funding recipients are required to complete a debrief form detailing outcomes and intentions for impact on campus.

Fund Recipient
Student Group Information
Travel Information
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
Summary Statements

Submit Preliminary Proposal

Thank you for your interest in submitting an Alternative Break Program (ABP) Preliminary Proposal!

Proposals are due Friday, October 13, 2017.

Please address the following items in your proposal below.

  • Feasibility and safety of the proposed civic engagement project
  • With which community you want to work
  • What community challenge you want to address
  • Why you see yourself / your team as integral to addressing this challenge in that community
  • Goals/outcomes of the civic engagement project — What success looks like / how you will know you succeeded

JADE Participant Application

January 2018 Jumpstarting Aspiring Developers and Entrepreneurs Program

Sunday, January 7 – Saturday, January 13

Apply to the Jumpstarting Aspiring Developers and Entrepreneurs (JADE) program to participate in this incredible week-long opportunity in New York City!


Step-by-Step Borrowing Guide

Please review the steps needed to check out and/or reserve items through the Props Cages and Costume Closet.

Borrowing Agreement

The Student Group Borrowing Agreement outlines the rules and expectations for the use of the Props cages and Costume Closet.

Student Group Events and Programs

Hosting a successful production or event in the Black Box Theatre requires various steps from the student group as well as a collaborative effort with the Black Box Theatre Manager and University E

Support Spaces, Services and Resources

The Black Box Theatre is a student centered space which strives to provide an open and accessible outlet for creativity, expression, art, performance, and community for student groups.

Space Requests and Confirmation Process

Requesting Space

Any recognized undergraduate student organization is allowed to request space in the Black Box Theatre.

Event Proposal Form

Event Proposal Form 

Any event held in the Black Box Theatre requires an Event Proposal Form to be completed and submitted at least four weeks before the first day of your requested reservation date. If your event takes place within the first four weeks of any semester, the proposal is due by the first Friday of classes in that semester.

Group Information
Please add the date range of your entire reservation (MM/DD/YY-MM/DD/YY)
Main point of contact for event
XXXXXXXXXX (No spaces or hyphens. Please include area code.)
Please provide a summary of your event and any other information that would be useful for planning
Event Contact Information
Please share the contact information for all relevant positions (or their equivalent) below: First and Last Name, Email and Phone Number are required. If a position(s) is not included below, please write it under "Other".
Event Timeline
Please fill out all relevant sections. If you have multiple days for sections please write each date and time. If a section does not apply to your event please type NA.
Date (MM/DD/YY), Start Time and End Time (00:00 AM/PM -00:00 AM/PM)
Add the Date (MM/DD/YY), Start Time and End Time (HH:MM AM/PM - HH:MM AM/PM) for each Tech Date.
Add the Date (MM/DD/YY), Start Time and End Time (HH:MM AM/PM -HH:MM AM/PM) for each Rehearsal Date.
Add the Date (MM/DD/YY), Start Time and End Time (HH:MM AM/PM -HH:MM AM/PM) for each Performance Date.
Add the Date (MM/DD/YY), Start Time and End Time (HH:MM AM/PM -HH:MM AM/PM) for strike.
Add the Date (MM/DD/YY), Start Time and End Time (HH:MM AM/PM -HH:MM AM/PM) for load-out.
Additional Support
Please pick all areas that you would like to request from UEM or the Black Box Theatre. Further details will be discussed during the Event Review. All items marked with an * indicate a possible charge associated with that service.
Terms of Agreement
The groups advisor will be sent a copy of the Event Proposal Form for review and approval. When approved, the group will be able to move forward with the Event Review. Show Producer, Organization E-Board Member, or Main Point of Contact must agree to following terms on behalf of the group: By checking "I agree" you indicate that you have read the Austin E. Quigley Black Box Theater Policy and Procedure Guidelines and that you intend to hold your cast/creative team/group accountable to work within the necessary parameters. Failure to comply or meet the terms of agreement, policy, and/or procedures can result in the group becoming ineligible to book future space in the Black Box Theater and/or be charged a fee.


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