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Senior Marshal Nomination Form

Senior Marshal is an honor bestowed upon members of the graduating class who have demonstrated achievement in their academics and co-curricular activities at Columbia University. Honorees are distinguished at Columbia College and Columbia Engineering class day ceremonies and University Commencement by the gold aiguillettes that adorn their graduation gowns.

In addition to holding a place of honor in the processions, senior marshals are responsible for helping to assemble and lead their classmates at graduation events.

Section 1: Nominator Information
Section 2: Nominee Information
If you do not know the student's UNI, you may find the student listed in Columbia University's directory,, or ask the student directly.
Section 3: Nomination
Please enter your nomination statement below and provide as many details as possible so that your nominee may be adequately considered for an award. Keep in mind that you may be the only person nominating this person and that the strength of your statement will contribute to whether or not the nominee receives this honor. If you aren't sure where to start, try telling us the nominee's story.

January Application Development Experience (JADE) Participant Waiver

Please complete this webform if you are participating in or leading the 2017 JADE program. All submissions should be made by Sunday, January 8th before your arrival on campus. 


What is the program fee?

The program fee is $100.00 per student and covers food, transportation, and night activities during the week. Our application process is completely need-blind.  We are able to offer financial aid support to students with a demonstated need.

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Who can apply to participate in JADE?

All current first-year undergraduate students in BC, CC, and SEAS are eligible to apply for the program.  All majors are encouraged to apply, as we want to focus on students who have had minimal exposure to the startup and tech ecosystem of New York! 

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What does a day in the JADE program entail?

In the morning, students receive instruction based on a web development curriculum for beginners. During the day, students will be visiting offices and meeting founders and other employees who will speak to them about the startup world. In the evening, after dinner and discussion, students will be taken on excursions in different parts of the city.

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January Application Development Experience

The January Application Development Experience (JADE) is an week-long program that immerses first-year students in the startup ecosystem of NYC.

ISOP 2017 Summer Coordinator Application

International Student Orientation Program (ISOP) summer coordinators are undergraduate students in Columbia College or Columbia Engineering who assist Multicultural Affairs (OMA) in welcoming first-year international undergraduate students to Columbia University. ISOP coordinators play an integral role in shaping a positive orientation experience and preparing new international students to achieve a successful beginning to their Columbia University career. This position is open to domestic and international students.

NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program

Looking for an opportunity for one-on-one mentoring from an experienced Student Affairs professional?


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