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International Student Advisory Board 2016-2017 Application

International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) applications are due on Sunday, February 28, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Late and/or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

You do not have to be an international student to serve on the ISAB. However, you do have to be passionate about international student topics and issues that impact international students.

Important Dates:

Applicant Information
Involvement and Activties
In addition to any work experience, your resume should include campus involvement. Campus involvement may include student organizations, OMA programs (e.g. SOCLR, LGBTQA Retreat, SisterCircle, CMI), campus leadership positions, office-based programs (e.g. MPE, ELP, COOP, CUE), academic research and teaching, and community service work organized by the University.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Please briefly respond to the following questions.
Suggested length: 200 words minimum; 750 words maximum
Please check and hold all the time slots that you are available for an interview:
Requirements and Verification
I must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student in Columbia College or School of Engineering and Applied Science and in good University standing in order to participate in the ISAB. If I were to be selected as an ISAB member, I will attend retreats/planning meetings at the beginning of each semester, and biweekly meetings that are scheduled for the first and third Fridays from 2-4 pm, during the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters.

Graduate Hall Director Interest Form

If you are interested in being considered for a GHD position in the future please share your information with us here. Please note that it is unlikely that you will hear from us unless a position does become available. 

Thank you for your interest in working with Residential Life at Columbia. 


2016 International Student Orientation Program (ISOP) Graduate Coordinator Position Application

Multicultural Affairs is looking for a Graduate Student Coordinator for the undergraduate International Student Orientation Program (ISOP). Supporting the Director of Education, Outreach and International Student Support, the Coordinator is responsible for planning, devising, and managing components of ISOP for Summer 2016. This position plays an integral role in managing ISOP logistics, shaping a positive orientation experience for new students and student orientation leaders, and preparing new international students to achieve a successful beginning to their Columbia University career.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.

2016 ISOP Head OL and OL Application

International Student Orientation Program (ISOP) Orientation Leaders (OLs) are undergraduate students in Columbia College or Columbia Engineering who assist Multicultural Affairs (OMA) in welcoming new international students to Columbia University. Leaders play an integral role in shaping a positive orientation experience and preparing new international students to achieve a successful beginning to their Columbia University career. This position is open to domestic and international students.

Applicant Information:
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Please respond to the following questions.
Ideal responses will be between 250-500 words.
Interview Availabilities:
Please check ALL the time slots which you are available for an interview. You will be notified via email to confirm your interview time.
Electronic Signature
Sign your full name here.

2015 Thanksgiving Lunch for CC and SEAS Undergraduate Students on Campus

Undergraduate Student Life and Columbia Dining invite you to join members of the Columbia family for a free Thanksgiving lunch on Thursday, November 26, 2015 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at John Jay Dining Hall! Join us for a delicious meal shared with other students and learn about the history of Thanksgiving. 


Columbia Voting Week was proud to welcome the following speakers to our campus this past year. Below, learn more about the background of our incredible speakers. 

International @ Columbia Event: Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour on October 4, 2015

Are you interested in learning the history of the Lower East Side with other international students? Want to try out different food from the Lower East Side, Little Italy, and Chinatown? If so, join International @ Columbia for this two-hour walking tour. During the course of our walking we will sample about 10 different items, representing the Dominican, Jewish, Italian and Chinese communities of the Lower East Side. Offerings will include vegetarian options. 

What are some of the themes of our monthly meeting? What will we do in those meetings?

General themes may include intercultural communication styless, intercultrual conflict styles, religious identity, race, gender, language, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation among others. In the meetings we will discuss common themes and issues and conduct activities around self-awareness and intercultural understanding. Themes will try to coincide with heritage and history months.


What if me and my ambassador pair do not work out? Can I make a request to change an ambassador?

The GAP coordinators will be available throughout the year to help mediate any potential conflicts or disagreements. We hope that you and your ambassador pair will have a wonderful year, but it will be possible to change your ambassador.



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