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Davis Projects for Peace 2016 Application

The Davis Projects for Peace is an initiative funded by Kathryn W. Davis for undergraduate students to design and implement their own grassroots projects to take place during the summer months. Individual students or groups of students are invited to submit innovative and engaging proposals for projects focused on conflict resolution and the breaking down of barriers to peace.

Interested applicants should prepare a two-page, well-written statement and one-page budget. Statements should include the following information:

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.

New Student Orientation Program 2015 (NSOP 2015)- Organizer Information and Program Details

The information will help Student Engagement prepare for NSOP 2015 and to meet all needs of campus partners. Please provide detailed and concise information regarding your session.

Office or Organization Details
Session Details
Technical and Facilities Needs
Other Information

Straight White Men Dress Rehearsal Application

Thank you for your interest in securing a ticket for the dress rehearsal of Young Jean Lee's Straight White Men at the Public Theater on November 6, 2014

Young Jean Lee has been called “the most adventurous downtown playwright of her generation" by The New York Times, has written a new play, Straight White Men which will open at The Public Theater this November.

If a participant needs to cancel, they may do so by emailing David Milch ( no later than Wednesday, November 5 at 11:59am

Community Guide

Welcome to campus! No matter what side of the aisle you're on, find your political community here at Columbia with this handy guide by Voting Week.


Voting Week has been proud to host Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, New York City Mayor David Dinkins, Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan Barham Salih, and man


If your group or organization is interested in working with Columbia Voting Week, let us know! Address your message to

Council and Governing Board Retreat: RSVP for September 18 - 19, 2015

This fall's Student Council and Governing Board Retreat will include leaders from the executive boards of the ESC, CCSC, Class Councils, SGB, and ABC. It promises to be an exciting and productive event! Please RSVP using the form below, whether you are attending or not. This will allow us to plan appropriately and make proper arrangements for transportation and lodging.

We will be leaving campus on Friday, September 18, at 2:30 p.m. and returning to campus on Saturday, September 19, by midnight.


ASB NYC Performing Arts 2016 Evaluation

Thank you all for your participation in the Alternative Spring Break: NYC Performing Arts.  Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey as it will greatly help us in further developing this program.


12345Did not participate
1. Orientation (Lerner Black Box, prior to Spring Break) *
2. Opening Dinner (Toast) *
3. Old Hats (Signature Theater) *
4. Group Discussion #1 (Saturday morning, Glicker Milstein Theater) *
5. Disaster! (Nederlander Theater) *
6. Disaster! Talkback (Nederlander Theater) *
7. Songwriter's Orchestra (Le Poisson Rouge) *
8. Alumni Panel and Brunch (Glicker Milstein Theater) *
9. Stephen Petronio Company (Joyce Theater) *
10. Stephen Petronio Company Talkback (Joyce Theater) *
11. Yo MIss! (La Mama) *
12. Group Discussion #2 (Monday morning, Glicker Milstein Theater) *
13. Discussion with Josh Radnor (Glicker Milstein Theater) *
14. Brian Brooks Moving Company Rehearsal (890 Broadway) *
15. Assembly Theater Rehearsal (Lerner Black Box Theater) *
16. Sacred Valley play reading (New York Stage and Film at Glicker Milstein Theater) *
17. Workshop with Assembly Theater (Lerner Black Box Theater) *
18. Streb Company Rehearsal (SLAM Space) *
19. Plastic (Museum of Modern Art) *
20. Pericles (Theatre for a New Audience) *
21. Delicious Movement Workshop with Eiko (Danspace Project) *
22. Eiko Solo Performance: A Body in Place (Danspace Project) *
23. Caenis (Pace Gallery) *
24. Closing Discussion and Dessert (Glicker Milstein Theater) *
25. ASB Binder of Information *
ASB NYC: Performing Arts --Outcomes
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeither Agree Nor DisagreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
1. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I can name new artists, venues, and methods of performance (ones I was not aware of prior to the ASB) *
2. I will continue to explore the venues visited during the ASB as well as seek out new ones *
3. From the observations of artists and work I made while on the ASB Program, I have developed (and will continue to develop) new tools/skills useful to me in my work (on campus and beyond) *
4. I developed close relationships with some of my fellow ASB students *
5. I intend to pursue and develop/deepen relationships with my ASB colleagues. *
6. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I have a much deeper sense of how artists make work *
7. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I can express more clearly the value the performing arts has in its ability to illumniate the human experience *
8. After participating in the ASB program, I am confident that I can list several positive effects that come from being a part of a communal experience (ie. audience) *
9. The ASB Program increased my knowledge of career choices within the performing arts *
For numbers 1, 2, 3 & 5, please use the space below to expand on your answers
Too FewJust RightToo Many
1. The number of performances we saw was: *
2. The number of Workshops/Panels/Talk Backs in which we participated was: *
3. The number of discussions we had was: *


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