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Fieldwork Partnership & Practicum Description

As part of the ADVANCE! Leadership Experience, our students team up with organizations in order to execute their leadership projects over the course of 8-10 weeks in the spring semester. We are excited at the possibility of working with all of our fieldwork partners this academic year. Our RFP invites interested partners to submit proposals for fieldwork practicum assignments. This is a critical component of the ADVANCE! Leadership Experience, as it offers our undergraduate students an opportunity to engage in an environment similar to that of graduate level capstone work.

ADVANCE! Participants receive intensive training in the development of their Leadership Question - the identification and strategic planning needed to immerse them in high quality leadership exploration and fine tuning. Over the course of 6 weeks, they study topics inclusive of proposal writing; group dynamics management; team development; communication and successful presentation preparation; negotiation and conflict resolution; networking; project development; research and planning; among many other areas. Through partnerships with organizations like yours, ADVANCE! Participants are enabled to transition these theories into active engagement. Shortly following our proposal submission deadline, you will have the opportunity to interview several participants who have expressed interest in working on the skills inherent to your projects. The ADVANCE! staff will then align students and fieldwork coordinators based on the project needs and the students' leadership development interests.

Fieldwork coordinators will be notified of their matches in January. Students work with their fieldwork coordinators to gain measurable skills, explore a professional interest, and to attain exposure to the project industry respectively. Our main focus is to further the development of the skills which participants have identified, both hard and soft. ADVANCE! does not commit to placing students by industry. Together, the student and the fieldwork coordinator design a leadership project in which the student takes an active leadership role. Throughout the 8-10 week experience, students utilize the key skills they've obtained through ADVANCE! to explore the work environment and accomplish the goals set forth in their leadership question. The fieldwork practicum is critical in the student’s decision to continue seeking leadership opportunities in that skill/area. Participants present the results of their fieldwork practicum at the ADVANCE! Culmination.

To submit an RFP, please complete our form. Questions? Email our team.

Please submit your RFP before January 15, 2013.

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