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> Academic Support 

Discover the range of academic support services available to Columbia students, including resources from the Center for Student Advising, the Writing Center, and Columbia Libraries.

> Study Tools 

Quick links to study tools that can help students achieve their academic goals.

> Citing Sources 

Review these breakdown of citation basics and links to resources for various disciplines.

> Dishonesty in Academic Work

Learn more about what the different forms of dishonest work can look like so you know how to uphold integrity in your work.  

> Research Support 

Find out how to conduct the research process with integrity and familiarize yourself with resources that will support you through the process.

> Evaluating Sources

Learn quick tips for evaluating the credibility of your sources effectively.

Upholding Integrity Policies

Academic courses can be very challenging; they require us to create original work from our synthesis of the work done by others. Review strategies for developing original work, ways to ensure that your work is trustworthy, the consequences for submitting work that is dishonest, and the resources available to assist you in achieving your best work.

How can I uphold academic integrity policies?

You can:

  • Discuss with your professors their expectations for maintaining academic integrity. Understand that you have a student responsibility to uphold academic integrity based on the expectations outlined in each of your course syllabi.
  • Understand instructors' criteria for academic integrity and their policies on citation and group collaboration.

  • Clarify any questions or concerns about assignments with instructors as early as possible.

  • Develop a timeline for drafts and final edits of assignments and begin preparation in advance.

  • Avoid plagiarism: acknowledge people’s opinions and theories by carefully citing their words and always indicating sources.

  • Assume that collaboration in the completion of assignments is prohibited unless specified by the instructor.

  • Utilize the campus’s resources, such as the Berick Center for Student Advising, and Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS), if feeling overwhelmed, burdened or pressured.

  • Attend Academic Integrity workshops offered throughout the academic year.

  • If you suspect that an academic integrity violation may have occurred, know that you can talk to your instructor, Advising Dean, Director of Academic Integrity, or the Student Conduct (CSSI) to report any allegations of academic misconduct.

Academic Integrity


Alfred Lerner Hall, 6th Floor

Call: 212-853-1772