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What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity defines a university and is essential to the mission of education. At Columbia, you are expected to participate in an academic community that honors intellectual work and respects its origins. The abilities to synthesize information and produce original work are key components in the learning process. As such, a violation of academic integrity is one of the most serious offenses that one can commit at Columbia and can result in dismissal.

Join the Inaugural CC-SEAS Integrity Undergraduate Advisory Group this Spring 2019

The purpose of the Columbia College and Columbia Engineering Integrity Undergraduate Student Advisory group is to provide advice and direction on three issues of importance to the undergraduate student experience on academic integrity, ethics education, ethics programming; and academic integrity processes.

The strength in this advisory group is its membership involving undergraduate students, all of whom have an interest in ensuring that we all “Wear the the Crown with Honor” at Columbia College and Columbia Engineering.

The advisory group will meet on the first Thursday of every month (during the regular academic year) from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

If you’d like to get involved by becoming a member of this group, please fill out the interest form.

Honor Code and Pledge

The Columbia College and Undergraduate Engineering Student Councils, on behalf of the whole student body, has resolved that maintaining academic integrity is the preserve of all members of our intellectual community – including and especially students.

Honor Code

In addition, all Columbia College and undergraduate School of Engineering students are committed to the following honor code:

I affirm that I will not plagiarize, use unauthorized materials, or give or receive illegitimate help on assignments, papers, or examinations. I will also uphold equity and honesty in the evaluation of my work and the work of others. I do so to sustain a community built around this Code of Honor.

Honor Pledge

We, the undergraduate students of Columbia University, hereby pledge to value the integrity of our ideas and the ideas of others by honestly presenting our work, respecting authorship, and striving not simply for answers but for understanding in the pursuit of our common scholastic goals. In this way, we seek to build an academic community governed by our collective efforts, diligence, and Code of Honor.

History of the Honor Code & Honor Pledge

Academic Integrity has always been an important value for undergraduates at Columbia. In 2013, the Columbia College and Columbia Engineering Honor code was created through a student led initiative that began with the Columbia College Student Council Academic Integrity Task Force. Today the Honor Code continues to shape the academic culture of Columbia College and Columbia Engineering. Based on this collective understanding, academic integrity requires a commitment from all members of the CC and SEAS community when entering Columbia as an academic citizen.

Academic Affairs representatives from the Columbia College Student Council (CCSC) and the Engineering Student Council (ESC) continue the tradition each year of reciting the honor code during Convocation and signing the Honor Pledge during their welcome assemblies. During Orientation this year, incoming Columbia College and Columbia Engineering undergraduate students will receive an Honor pin to symbolize their academic honesty commitment to "Wear the Crown with Honor" at Columbia and beyond.


Academic Integrity


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