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Study tools are important for academic success in college. As an undergraduate there are many resources at Columbia that can assist you in cultivating personalized study tools that work for you.

Consider the following study tools to aid you in achieving your academic goals.

Library Services for Undergraduates

Learn more about the wealth of collections, spaces and services provided by the Columbia University Libraries to support your research, study and learning as an undergraduate.

Time Management

Learn more about support groups and workshops, software tools, browser extensions and more that can help with time management at Columbia.

Study Spaces

Reserve a Room in the Library

Learn more about reserving a room in a library for collaborative group study and/or presentation practice.

Density by ADI

Density estimates how full study spaces are on campus using a live feed of Wi-Fi access data that updates every 15 minutes.

Productivity Apps

Distractions are everywhere in life. Sometimes we create them (procrastination, anyone?) and sometimes they come at us against our will (e.g., social media and group chats). They make productivity difficult.

Consider using productivity apps that can help you block distractions. These software sites can block particular websites and apps, so even if you’re tempted to view a social media site, you literally can’t.

The pros of using this is that it removes the need to use your willpower, which leaves you with more energy and focus for actually working.

Here are a few of the most popular distraction blockers/productivity apps to consider when studying:


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