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Integrity Week 2024 is coming up! Events will begin on Monday, February 26, and continue through Friday, March 1

Check out this year's events, which cover A.I. literacy, research, citations, collaborating while maintaining academic integrity, and an ethical career panel and networking opportunity!


What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity defines a university and is essential to the mission of education. At Columbia, you participate in an academic community that honors intellectual work and respects its origins. The abilities to synthesize information and produce original work are key components in the learning process. As such, a violation of academic integrity is one of the most serious offenses that one can commit at Columbia. If found responsible, violations range from conditional disciplinary probation through expulsion from the university. Compromising academic integrity not only jeopardizes a student's academic, professional, and social development; it violates the standards of our community. As a Columbia student, you are responsible for making informed choices with regard to academic integrity both inside and outside of the classroom.

Resources & Support

Learn more about policies that uphold integrity, academic support, study tools, citing sources, maintaining honesty in academic work, research support, and evaluating sources.

> Integrity Policy & Practices 

Find out what it means to “Wear the Crown with Honor.” You can review the Honor Pledge, Honor Code, and earn how to study with integrity.

> Integrity Student Advisory Board 

Meet the Columbia College and Columbia Engineering Integrity Undergraduate Student Advisory Board, which provides advice and direction on academic integrity, ethics education, ethics programming, and academic integrity processes.

> Events & Workshops

Explore Academic Integrity programming, which includes Integrity Week, Global Ethics day, and an array of workshops focused on building good academic habits and topics on ethics and integrity.

Academic Integrity


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