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Academic Integrity Student Advisory Board Interest Form

 honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage

Are you a Columbia College or Columbia Engineering undergraduate student with an interest in the academic culture on campus?

Consider joining CC-SEAS Academic Integrity Student Advisory Board! We collaborate and engage in discussion on an academic culture of integrity at Columbia that embodies how to “Wear the Crown with Honor.” 

The Columbia College and Columbia Engineering Integrity Undergraduate Student Advisory group provides advice and direction on three issues of importance to the undergraduate student experience:

  • Academic integrity and ethics education

  • Academic integrity and ethics programming

  • Academic integrity processes

The strength in this advisory group is its student membership, which has an interest in ensuring that students maintain integrity at Columbia College and Columbia Engineering while pursuing academic goals in order to fully benefit from academic and research processes.

If you’d like to join the Student Advisory Group, please fill out the interest form below and the Director of Academic Integrity will let you know if there are openings on the board.


Academic Integrity


Alfred Lerner Hall, 6th Floor

Call: 212-853-1772