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Constituency Meetings

Constituency Meetings are hosted by the Multicultural Affairs.  Constituency meetings provide an opportunity for various members of a specific social identity group to build


One of Multicultural Affairs’ objectives is to support students when they have been treated unjustly with respect to their identities at Columbia.

Diversity Education and Training Sessions

Browse trainings and workshops offered by Multicultural Affairs and request a workshop for your organization, class or department. 

Programs and Resources for Students of Color

There are a number of resources available at Columbia that may interest students of color.

Cultural & Identity Based Student Organizations

Multicultural Affairs advises over 50 cultural and identity based student organizations that are recognized by the Activities Board at Columbia (ABC) or the


Would you find it helpful to have a Columbia student to answer some of your questions about professors, courses, living in the residence halls, making friends, clubs and organizations, internships,

Diversity Education & Training

Our diversity education and training programs are designed to encourage dialogue and interaction among students about issues related to diversity.

Multicultural Affairs

Diversity and inclusion are not only central to the student experience, they are key components to learning and development.


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