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Special Interest Community Application

Prior to applying to a Special Interest Community, please take into account the cost associated with each housing option. 

All assignments are done by the houses internally. Assignments are typically done based on what is best for the relationships in the house taking into account seniority within the community. Applying to a Special Interest Community does not guarantee access to a single. You are applying for a communal experience and not for the accommodations.


Responsible Community @ Columbia Facilitator Acceptance and Understanding of Expectations

Please read the following statement of acceptance for the RC@C facilitator role and indicated that you have read and understood each statement. Please complete this form no later than Wednesday April 15, 2015 at 12:00 p.m.

1 Start 2 Expectations and Commitments 3 Complete

Membership Interest Form

Please use this form to indicate your interest in joining the National Residence Hall Honorary, Columbia Chapter, and provide the selection committee with more information regarding your involvement within residential life and beyond. Please note that if you have already been nominated for membership, that your candidacy will be considered regardless of whether you complete this optional but recommended form.


Current Members

Members of the NRHH, Columbia chapter, are selected by a rigorous process and comprise the top 1% of leaders in the undergraduate residential community at Columbia University in the City of New Yor

Membership Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to nominate student leaders for their amazing impact on the Columbia community!

OTY Award Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to nominate student leaders for their amazing impact on the Columbia community!
Enter the name of the individual(s) or program you are nominating.
If you're nominating a program, please indicate who organized the program.
Please select the category that best describes the nominee.
Please select the hall or area this nominee lives in (for individuals), works in (for groups), or was organized in (for programs).
In the space above, please describe why the nominee deserves this award. Some items to consider when composing your nomination include (but are not limited to) how the individual(s) or program in question exceeded expectations, displayed a positive attitude, supported residential life and the Residential Life team, exhibited new and innovative ways of programming, and fostered a healthy community in the Columbia residence halls. NRHH will be grateful for any pertinent information regarding the nominee, but will particularly appreciate the writer’s opinion of the nominee’s specific attributes that qualify the nominee for this award. (Recommended word count of at least 150 words.)
Please enter your name. Any identifying information regarding the nominee or nominator will not be available to NRHH members in making their decisions.

Of-the-Year Awards


Columbia residential student leaders, staff, and groups are eligible for nomination.

Resident Adviser Individual Interview Evaluation


Resident Adviser Applicant Self-Evaluation



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