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Multicultural Affairs

Multicultural Affairs Advisory Council

The Multicultural Affairs Advisory Council is an advocacy group comprised of a broad-representation of Columbia College and Columbia Engineering undergraduate students who work collectively towar

Columbia Mentoring Initiative First Year Application

Columbia Mentoring Initiative First Year Application 2013-2014

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OMA Graduation Cord Ceremony Registration

Tuesday, May 1, 2018  *  2pm-4pm  *  Faculty House, Presidential Ballroom

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Multicultural Affairs Advisory Council (MAAC) Application

The Multicultural Affairs Advisory Council (MAAC) is a collective of four distinct student advisory boards: Student of Color Advisory Board (SOCAB), Queer and Trans Student Advisory Board (QTAB), International Student Advisory Board (ISAB), and First-Generation Student Advisory Board (FAB).


Multicultural Graduation Ceremonies

Multicultural Affairs collaborates with student organizations, alumni groups, and other offices to organize multicultural graduation ceremonies th

Under1Roof Make-Up Sessions

If you were not able to attend your scheduled Under1Roof session during NSOP, you have the opportunity to sign-up for one of the upcoming make-up sessions.

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LGBTQ @ Columbia

LGBTQ @ Columbia provides students with LGBTQ student group advising, events, education, advocacy, and other services and resources to help all students explore and better understand diverse queer

Columbia Mentoring Initiative (CMI)

Multicultural Affairs' Columbia Mentoring Initiative (CMI) is an inter-generational mentorship program that connects first-year students (mentees) with returning students (mentors), and all student


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Multicultural Affairs


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9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

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