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Multicultural Affairs

Columbia Mentoring Initiative Mentor Application

The OMA Columbia Mentoring Initiative (CMI) is an inter-generational mentorship program that connects first years with returning students (Upper-Class Mentors), and all students with alumni. CMI provides students the opportunity to get involved in various "family trees" - Arab and Middle Eastern, Asian, Black, Indigeous, International, Latinx, LGBTQ+ and Mixed Heritage. Although participants will be asked to specify one family tree, we recognize the multiple identities of our students and provide opportunities for CMI participants to get involved in cross-cultural program-wide events.

Applicant Information
"Pronouns in use" are what people want to be referred to in the third person (ex: she/her/hers; he/him/his; they/them/their)
Family Tree Information
Please choose which family tree you prefer to be a mentor for.
Please select a second choice for which family tree you would like to o be a mentor for.
Questions on Mentorship
Applicant Agreement
By checking the boxes, I agree to the following statements:

CU OUT on the Town

CU Out on the Town is a series of LGBTQ, gender, and sexuality-focused outings to events and sites around NYC.

Global Ambassador Program Coordinator and Facilitator Application for Academic Year 2017-2018

The global ambassador program (GAP) is a year-long international friendship program that aims to foster intercultural dialogues among Columbia's diverse student body. The program matches students of different races, nationalities, classes, genders, sexual orientations, and class years. It provides a safer space for discussing topics such as culture shock, communication styles, intercultural conflict styles, social perceptions, and social (dis)comfort. GAP hosts monthly themed intercultural events and ambassador pairs meet up informally to engage in intercultural activities and discussions.


International Student Advisory Board 2017-2018 Application

International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) applications are due on Sunday, February 19, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. Late and/or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

You do not have to be an international student to serve on the ISAB. However, you do have to be passionate about international student topics and issues that impact international students.

Important Dates:

Applicant Information
Involvement and Activties
In addition to any work experience, your resume should include campus involvement. Campus involvement may include student organizations, OMA programs (e.g. SOCLR, LGBTQA Retreat, SisterCircle, CMI), campus leadership positions, office-based programs (e.g. MPE, ELP, COOP, CUE), academic research and teaching, and community service work organized by the University.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.
Please briefly respond to the following questions.
Suggested length: 200 words minimum; 750 words maximum
Please check and hold all the time slots that you are available for an interview:
Requirements and Verification

LGBTQ @ Columbia

CU Safe Zone: Open Session Registration

Thank you for your interest in the CU Safe Zone program!

CU Safe Zone is a 3-hour training session that provides foundational knowledge needed to support and act in solidarity with LGBTQ+ communities at Columbia University.

If you have any questions about CU Safe Zone or the open sessions, please email


CU Safe Zone Open Session Registration Form

Diversity Education and Training Request

Fostering an inclusive on campus environment in tandem with our roles within local and global contexts is crucial as the cultural and social identities of diversity continue to increase and shift.

Contact Information
When and Where
Session Descriptions
Below, please review the sessions offered by Multicultural Affairs and select ONE session. You can elaborate on individualized training needs later in the form.
Introduction Sessions (60 Minutes)
Workshop (90 minutes)
In-Depth Training (two or more hours)
Details of Your Training Request

CU Safe Zone

CU Safe Zone is a 3-hour training session that provides foundational knowledge needed to support and act in solidarity with LGBTQ+ communities at Columbia University.

Programs and Events

Quench (Queer + Lunch) Series
A lunch and discussion series exploring intersectional LGBTQ and ally topics.


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