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Student-athletes at Columbia are held to the highest standards of sportsmanship and integrity. For student-athletes seeking academic or career support services visit the Columbia Athletics Success Through Well Being site.

Student-Athlete Handbook & Academic Integrity

Student-athletes who are found to have violated principles of academic integrity are required to meet with their head coach and sports program administrator, and may be suspended from practice and/or competition or dismissed from the sports program. Student-athletes found responsible  for violating their school’s academic integrity and/or academic conduct policies, will be withheld from contests during the team’s championship segment. 

First-time offenses will result in student-athletes being withheld from 10% of the total number of scheduled contests for the season.  Student-athletes found responsible for subsequent offenses will be withheld from 20% of the total number of scheduled contests. For violations that occur during the championship season, student-athletes will be withheld from the next scheduled contests immediately after receipt of their sanction letter, unless an appeal is pending. 

For academic sanctions under appeal, the athletic penalty will be enforced at the conclusion of the appeal process.  For violations that occur during the off-season or during the non-traditional season, student-athletes will be withheld from the first scheduled contests in their subsequent championship season. Sport programs may add additional sanctions as outlined in their team guidelines.  All athletic sanctions can be appealed to the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education.

Academic dishonesty may result in an unethical conduct violation in accordance with NCAA bylaw 10.1 and all applicable interpretations. 

If you are a student-athlete and you have questions about how an academic integrity violation could impact your ability to compete in your sport contact Aisley Carter, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance.  

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