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Class Day Name Pronunciation

One of the most memorable Columbia moments for you and loved ones will be hearing your name called while you cross the stage at Class Day. If you think that your name may be difficult to pronounce, please take a moment to fill out the pronunciation form. If you do not submit this form, your name will be read as it appears in SSOL and pronounced according to General American Dialect.

Please select your school affiliation. SEAS grad students will receive a link to a different form from SEAS Graduate Student Affairs.
Include your middle name(s) and any suffix.

How to Phoneticize Your Name

Example: "Alma Mater"

Step 1: Start with your entry above. Remove any names you do not wish to have read and add any nicknames and suffixes you do want read.
Step 2: Identify common names that do not need to be phoneticized and keep as they are. (Alma is a common name and a common spelling.)
Step 3: Try to think of any common words that are pronounced similarly. (Could we use "matter" for Mater? No.)
Step 4: Use the pronunciation guide to determine how to indicate the sounds in your name. (Mahtur)
Step 5: separate the syllables with a dash. (Mah-tur)
Step 6: Capitalize any syllables that should be emphasized. (MAH-tur)

End result: "Alma MAH-tur"

Say Your Name (Optional)

For additional assurance that your name will be pronounced correctly, you may also submit an audio recording for our name readers. When recording, please speak slowly and crisply. Tools to create the audio file include a voice memo app on a smartphone and the Microsoft Sound Recorder available on many PCs.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: avi mov mp3 wav.

Columbia College Class Day 2015

To view the video, please enter the year Columbia College was founded.

Columbia College Class Day Faculty Invitation

Thank you for your submission. An invitation will be sent to the faculty you nominated.

Step Up!

There is no place for gender-based misconduct at Columbia. The University recognizes its responsibility to increase awareness of such misconduct, take steps to prevent its occurrence, support survivors, diligently investigate reports of misconduct, and deal fairly and firmly with offenders.


Request for Staff or Student Worker Access to Website

Please fill out the form below, and Communications will contact you to set up a training for you, your staff, and your GAs and/or student workers.



For more information or questions about hazing prevention, please contact:

Ongoing Education and Outreach

  • Annual Residntial Adviser (RA) training involves a hazing prevention module, which is also connected to bystander intervention work.
  • Club advisers are encouraged to share hazi

Submit Your Photos for Class Day 2014!

This form is now closed.

Share your favorite memories! Submit up to three photos from the past four years to be shown in the slide show that will play during Class Day before you process. Let us know if those pictured are CC, SEAS, or both, and don't forget to get permission from others in the photo.



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