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Graduating Students

Important Steps for Undergraduates

You have worked so hard to earn your degree — and there are just a few more steps you'll need to take in order to graduate.

For example, did you know you have to submit an application to receive your degree? We’ve created the checklist below to help you navigate these important final steps.

Important Steps for Columbia Engineering Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, please follow instructions from Graduate Student Affairs

Are You Prepared to Graduate?

We know how hard you have worked to get here — and there are just a few more logistical steps you'll need to take in order to make it official. Completing these necessary tasks will ensure that:

  • You will be eligible to register for Class Day and other senior-related activities.

  • Your name will be recognized in both the Class Day program and ceremony.

  • You will be considered for Latin Honors and other awards.

  • Your diploma will be mailed to the address of your choice.

Your Checklist

Here is a Countdown to Class Day checklist to help you navigate the important final steps to graduate. Some steps are not yet available and you will receive more information about these in the coming weeks. 

Note: This checklist only applies to undergraduate students. If you are a graduate student at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, please follow instructions from Graduate Student Affairs

Academic Checklist

  • Meet with your advisor. If you haven’t already done so, meet virtually with your CSA adviser to confirm you are on track to graduate.

  • Review your Degree Audit Report. Confirm that you have completed all of your degree requirements, and are on track to earn 124 credits (for CC) or 128 credits (for SEAS).  The degree audit may not track grades of P that were awarded in Spring 2020 or subsequent semesters; if you have any questions about it, please contact your CSA adviser. 
  • Confirm eligibility with your academic department. Connect with your academic department adviser to confirm you are on track to complete your major or concentration. Your academic department adviser can also help if your major, minor or concentration information is out of date in SSOL.

  • Check your GPA. Confirm that all of your grades and/or incomplete grades are posted from previous semesters and that you have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

Administrative Checklist

  • Pay your balance. Pay the balances on all of your accounts and check SSOL to ensure that no holds have been placed on your file.
  • Complete loan counseling. If you borrowed a Federal loan, complete the required exit interview for loan counseling with Student Financial Services via SSOL.

  • Update your Diploma Address. Don’t forget to double-check the spelling of your name too! The information from SSOL will be used for both the Class Day program and for shipping your diploma!
  • Take the three-minute Graduating Student Survey. This survey is the University’s effort to understand your post-graduation plans and to enhance programs and services offered by the Center for Career Education. Please note that only those who have applied to graduate can access the survey.

Celebration Checklist

Post-graduation Checklist
  • Get help navigating your plans for life beyond Columbia. Meet with career counselors from the Center for Career Education (CCE) to strategize your job search, consider graduate school options, pivot your plans, or map out your next steps. CCE serves Columbia College and Engineering alumni for life.

  • Visit your Columbia College | Columbia Engineering Alumni Association. You automatically become a member of your Alumni Association upon graduation. Make sure to update your preferred contact information to receive your full benefits and access.

  • Move out. See Columbia Housing's website for the residence hall check-out date and the detailed check-out procedure.

  • Join the Alumni Representative Committee (ARC). Through the ARC, you can interview prospective Columbia students, represent Columbia at college fairs, and attend events for admitted students.

  • Look for your diploma in the mail. Diplomas for May 2021 graduates will be mailed after graduation to the “Diploma Address” on file in SSOL. Please expect several weeks for the diploma to be delivered.



Countdown to Graduation

We look forward to celebrating the Columbia College and Columbia Engineering Class of 2021!

The College's Class Day ceremony will take place on Wednesday, April 28, followed by Engineering's ceremony on Thursday, April 29.

Learn more about this year's ceremonies and celebrations.