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International Student Programs and Services

Supplemental Funding Request for Winter Break 2013-2014

The Office of International Student Programs and Services (ISPS) is offering an opportunity for supplemental funding of events facilitated by members of the Residential Programs staff during the academic break. The funds are intended to provide ways for students to connect while on campus and in New York City during this period. ISPS encourages RP staff who will be on campus during winter break (December 21, 2013 to January 20, 2014) to plan and offer events to those in the community who remain on campus.

Contact Information
(First and Last)
(ex. CC '14, SEAS '15)
Name(s) and UNI(s) any other planner(s)
Event Information
Only dates from December 21, 2013 to January 20, 2014 will be considered.
(With address if known)
Budget Request
Please include the specific breakdown for: Program Related Expenses (room rental, equipment or AV, vendor services, movie rental, props, games, supplies, etc.); Food Expenses (meals for X number of people, refreshments for X number of people, Catering/Food Vendor expenses, etc.): Publicity/Advertisement Expenses (tickets, flyers, posters, etc.); Other expenses; List other funding sources, the amounts given, and the total amount you are requesting for each category.

Please note that all marketing materials for your event must include the following statement: Students needing disability accommodations in order to attend/participate in this event must contact the Office of Disability Services at (212)854-2388 or

International at Columbia

Are international students eligible for fellowships?

Yes. Many fellowships support work and other experiences in the U.S. and abroad and are open to international students. Those with a U.S. location will require U.S. work eligibility.


What if my internship requires that I get credit instead of compensation?

Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Columbia School of General Studies, do not provide credit for internships. There is no doubt that internships are valuable experiences for students seeking an introduction to a range of careers and professional cultures.  However, we expect companies to appropriately compensate students for work performed during internships. This policy is one adopted by many of our peer institutions and also is in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and NY State’s Minimum Wage Act and Wage Orders.


I want to Network. What resources are available to me?

Networking is the process of making connections and building relationships that provide you with information, advice, and further contacts, all of which will enhance your ability to make informed career decisions and tap into unadvertised internship/job vacancies. Networking can take place in a group or one-on-one setting.


Can international students get fellowships and scholarships?

Yes. Fellowships fund a variety of experiences for study, research, and work in the U.S. and overseas. All fellowship programs have a target audience that all students searching for fellowships have to bear in mind. International students are no different. While many fellowships are targeted at U.S. citizens only, many are not. In fact, most fellowships offered by Columbia invite applicants from any nationality.


Who can help me if I need a visa to travel to another country?

The Office of Global Programs provides basic visa advice for study abroad candidates. Whether you need a visa to visit a third country almost always depends on your nationality, not your status as a student in the U.S. You will have to look at the website of the embassy of the country you wish to visit to see their requirements for visitors. Columbia is conveniently located in New York City where you can easily visit the consulates from around the world if you do need to apply for a visitor visa.


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