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Supplemental Funding Request for Winter Break 2013-2014

The Office of International Student Programs and Services (ISPS) is offering an opportunity for supplemental funding of events facilitated by members of the Residential Programs staff during the academic break. The funds are intended to provide ways for students to connect while on campus and in New York City during this period. ISPS encourages RP staff who will be on campus during winter break (December 21, 2013 to January 20, 2014) to plan and offer events to those in the community who remain on campus. Events that are inclusive of the entire community will be prioritized for approval since there is a lower population on campus at this time.

Funding Criteria:

  • Sponsored by RAs, CAs, GHDs and/or ADs
  • Social, recreational, or entertainment-based 
  • Planned for and advertised to building, area and/or campus 
  • Events structured to promote interaction, engagement and investment to attend the entire program are highly preferred 
  • Events should be planned as low- or no-cost to student participants
  • Events must be accessible to students with disabilities

 Event will not be funded if:

  • They are individual floor events
  • They promote or involve alcohol or other drug use or unsafe/unhealthy activities
  • The proposal was not submitted in a timely manner

Funding Parameters:

Have you ever been on campus when “no one” is around? Academic break periods are a quieter time, but not everyone leaves campus. Because of Columbia’s policy which allows undergraduates access to their residence hall throughout the academic year, students who do not leave campus for various reasons are in need of some company. Students stay on campus due to the distance from home or cost of transportation, and others may choose to be on campus during an internship or job opportunity. Whatever the reason, you are all here together – plan something that involves campus or New York City for some good, old-fashioned Columbia bonding time! Think creatively and prepare to share what is needed to plan and implement this program: incentives (a neighborhood/culture never explored!), food (international potluck!), props, games, supplies, etc. Use winter to your advantage – there’s only one New York City in the wintertime. A detailed budget will need to be kept in order to track actual expenditures. All receipts will need to be turned in to be reimbursed for costs of programming.

All requests must be submitted at least 7 business days in advance of the program date.

Contact Information
(First and Last)
(ex. CC '14, SEAS '15)
Name(s) and UNI(s) any other planner(s)
Event Information
Only dates from December 21, 2013 to January 20, 2014 will be considered.
(With address if known)
Budget Request
Please include the specific breakdown for: Program Related Expenses (room rental, equipment or AV, vendor services, movie rental, props, games, supplies, etc.); Food Expenses (meals for X number of people, refreshments for X number of people, Catering/Food Vendor expenses, etc.): Publicity/Advertisement Expenses (tickets, flyers, posters, etc.); Other expenses; List other funding sources, the amounts given, and the total amount you are requesting for each category.

Please note that all marketing materials for your event must include the following statement: Students needing disability accommodations in order to attend/participate in this event must contact the Office of Disability Services at (212)854-2388 or

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