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Black Graduation

Black Graduation is an annual event for family, friends and members of the Columbia community to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of the University’s Black undergraduate graduating class. Black Graduation is sponsored by Multicultural Affairs | Undergraduate Student Life and Black Students’ Organization (BSO). Support is provided by Columbia’s Black Alumni Council, Barnard Student Life and GS Student Life.

Welcome from BSO’s Black Graduation Committee

Welcome to the webpage for the Class of 2020’s Black Graduation! The Black Columbia Class of 2020 has voted that the theme of its graduation be 2020 Vision: The Future Is Black. 

Black Students’ Organization’s Black Grad 2020 Committee has worked year-round on organizing activities for our seniors, as well as presenting this year’s Senior Awards. The Black Grad 2020 Committee has been led by Tiffany Loncke BC’20, Maya Matthews CC’20, Ciana Montero BC’20, Anthony Ortega SEAS’21, Ronald Smith SEAS’20, Brianna Sturkey BC’20, Iman Sule CC’20 and BSO Senior Chair Toni Lynn Woods Maignan Jr. CC’20. Congratulations to the Black Columbia Class of 2020!

Black Graduation Speakers


Toni Lynn Woods Maignan Jr. CC’20

Senior Chair, Black Students’ Organization


Maya Matthews CC’20

Senior Speaker


Mario Van Peebles CC78, P: CC’16, CC’20

Film Director and Actor
Alumni Speaker

Tribute to the Black Columbia Class of 2020

BSO’s Senior Awards

Below are the recipients of the Class of 2020 Senior Awards, presented by the Columbia University Black Students’ Organization. Congratulations to all the winners!

Outstanding Leadership Award: Kai Tinsley SEAS’20 and Sabina Thomas SEAS’20

This award recognizes graduating seniors who have exemplified incredible leadership during the past four years through dedication to enhancing the Black community and to Columbia as a whole.

Commitment to Community Award: Charlene Adhiambo CC’20

The recipient of this award is a graduating senior who has worked to strengthen the Black community at Columbia. This could be accomplished through, but not limited to, unwavering commitment to relationship building, programming or creating a vision for the future. This person should be someone dedicated to bringing people together for the purposes of unity, organizing and fellowship.

Ray of Sunshine Award: Tosin Sanusi SEAS’20

The recipient of this award must be someone who displays kindness to their classmates and to the community. As genuine compassion is worthy of celebration, we recognize the graduating senior who best exemplifies this trait.

Inclusion and Advocacy Award: Galen Hawkins CC’20 and Rosalyn Huff CC’20

This award recognizes graduating seniors who have promoted social justice and/or fostered understanding among diverse constituencies at Columbia, through valuing diversity and appreciating multiple identities. Recipients might have advocated for the Black community and other communities they are a part of, gaining better resources, access and recognition on campus.

Athletic Achievement Award: Daniel Igbokwe CC’20 and Iman Sule CC’20

This award recognizes the sportsmanship and dedication of the selected graduating seniors. New this year, this award honors the amazing athleticism of the graduating class.

Artistic Achievement Award: Semira Brown CC’20

This award recognizes the artistry and creativity of a graduating senior. This may be, but is not limited to, digital arts, graphic arts, literature, music and the performing arts.

Community Allyship Award: LinDon Harris CC’20 and Hannah Adeoye CC’20

The recipients of this award must have bridged another community with the Black community on campus. It recognizes allyship in the form of collaboration, service and/or advocacy. Such collaboration extends to engagement with the Harlem community, as well.

The Legacy Award: Sabina Tyler Monica Jones CC’20

This award recognizes a graduating senior who has left an indelible mark on the Black community and Columbia at large, in the form of advocacy, support services, community building and/or being a positive change agent.

Overcoming Adversity Award: The Phenomenal Black Columbia Class of 2020

This award, which usually recognizes a graduating senior who, despite significant hardship(s), has made it through their time at Columbia, is being presented to all graduates this year given the unprecedented circumstances faced by all. Hardships might be, but are not limited to, taking longer than is traditional to graduate, losing a family member, facing significant financial hardship and so forth. The committee recognizes the tenacity of the entire Black Columbia Class of 2020.

Faculty/Staff Award: Farah Jasmine Griffin, Chair, Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies; the William B. Ransford Professor of English and Comparative Literature and African-American Studies; and Professor of African American and African Diaspora Studies

This award recognizes a faculty or staff member who has exhibited an unwavering commitment to Black students in their work at Columbia University.

Getting involved with the Black Alumni Council

Welcome to the Black Alumni Council! Stay up to date on upcoming events and opportunities to connect with fellow members of the Columbia community:

BAC Virtual Trivia Night is coming up, on Saturday, May 30! Register here 

We also invite you to reach out to us directly at Congratulations! 

Black Graduation Graduates

Nasreen Abd Elal CC'20Luke Haubenstock CC'20Sarah Rebarber GS'20
Athena Ablang GS'20Galen Hawkins CC'20Myrna Reyes Santos CC'20
Charlene Adhiambo CC'20Julia Hewitt GS'20Renée Roberts CC'20
Hanna Agbanrin GS'20Olivia Horwitz CC'20Taylor Roberts-Sampson CC'20
Keziah Anderson CC'20Isaac Jean-François CC'20Andrew Rodriguez CC'20
Clara Maria Apostolatos CC'20Mads Jensen GS'20Alexa Roman CC'20
Rachel Ballew GS'20Amalya Johnson CC'20Nathan Rubene dos Santos CC'20
Giiguulen (Gigi) Bat-Erdene CC'20Sabina Tyler Jones CC'20Young Jae Ryu SEAS'20
Helena Bauer-Mitterlehner GS'20Chabely Jorge CC'20Prateek Sahni CC'20
Eva Blake CC'20Morgan Kang CC'20Timothy Shertzer SEAS'20
Charlie Blanc GS'20Jung Kim CC'20Jas Singh CC'20
Nannette Boakye CC'20Jessica Nicole De La Rosa Krejcie GS'20Tommy Myung Geun Song CC'20
Morgan Brown CC'20Kriti Kumar CC'20Piragathesh Subramanian GS'20
Megan Calderazzo GS'20Patricia Kusumaningtyas CC'20Lael Tate CC'20
Clare Chan SEAS'20Kevin Le SEAS'20Stella-Noella Tetero SEAS'20
Brandon Cuevas SEAS'20Nicole Leon Elvir CC'20Kai Tinsley SEAS'20
Mia DeLuis Zayas CC'20Noa Levy Baron GS'20Avah Toomer CC'20
Nhu Doan SEAS'20Emily Li CC'20Jack Treanor CC'20
Costin Dobrin CC'20Maya Matthews CC'20Anisha Tyagi SEAS'20
David Ehmcke CC'20Kevin Mejia SEAS'20David Valdes SEAS'20
Edgar Elliot CC'20Carla Mendoza CC'20Naazanene Vatan CC'20
Daniel Erasmus CC'20Yasmeen Metellus CC'20Akshiti Vats CC'20
Logan Everett GS'20Amanda Ong CC'20Francesca Walker CC'20
Olubunmi (Bunmi) Fariyike SEAS'20Bryan Ontiveros SEAS'20Rachel Ning Wan SEAS'20
Karina Feliciano CC'20Anita Onyimah CC'20Lillian Wang SEAS'20
Giorgia Fujita SEAS'20Grant Pace CC'20Aurelia Weickart CC'20
Allegra Girardello CC'20Nathaniel Padre GS'20Toni Woods Maignan, Jr. CC'20
Cayo Gonzalez CC'20Sreya Pinnamaneni CC'20Tian Yang CC'20
Patricia Granda-Malaver CC'20Gabriel Pont GS'20Alex Zhang CC'20
Kelsey Gray SEAS'20Santiago Potes CC'20 
Maryam Hassan CC'20Sydney Proffitt GS'20

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