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Native Graduation

Native Graduation is an annual tradition that celebrates the accomplishments of the Native American and Indigenous graduates of Columbia University.

Native Graduation Speakers


Cliff Matias

Creative Director, Redhawk Native American Arts Council
Honor Song for the Class of 2020

Tiffany Hale

Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, Barnard College
Faculty Speaker

Reflections from Native American Council


Morgan Brown CC’20

NAC Co-President 201920

Lael Tate CC’20

NAC Co-President 2019–20

Tribute to the Native Graduation Class of 2020

Native Graduation Graduates

Keziah Anderson CC'20Mia DeLuis Zayas CC'20Shaundin Jones CC'20Cicily Werito CC'20
Bryson Baligad SEAS'20Stephanie Garcia Sosa BC'20Maggie Richardson CC'20Shyanne Yellowbird CC'20
Morgan Brown CC'20Abigail Gutierrez BC'20Amy Small CC'20 
Kalena Chiu BC'20Saraya Hamidi CC'20Lael Tate CC'20 
Sabrina Curtis SEAS'20Laura Hand CC'20Xitlalli Vazquez BC'20

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