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Berick Center for Student Advising

Apply to be a CSA Tutor!

The Center for Student Advising is seeking tutors to work with undergraduate students in a variety of subjects.  For Fall 2016, we are particularly in need of applicants who can tutor:

  • Physics (PHYS 1201, 1202, 1401, 1402)

  • General Chemistry (CHEM 1403, 1404)

  • Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3443, 3444)

  • Calculus I, II & III (MATH 1101, 1102, 1201)

  • Biology (BIOL 2005, 2006)

Join a Getting Things Done Group!

Do you want to learn time management strategies and, with the support of a group, break free from the negative patterns that may be preventing you from accomplishing your personal and academic goals? Participants will learn cognitive behavioral techniques that can increase efficiency, effectiveness, competence and confidence, thereby improving their ability to get things done.

Groups will be co-facilitated by two Advising Deans in the Center for Student Advising and will meet weekly for 75 minutes.

Apply for the Kadar Fellowship (9/20)

The Yiddish Language Program is pleased to offer the KADAR FELLOWSHIP to students who will commit to at least three semesters of Yiddish language classes at Columbia. Winners of the KADAR FELLOWSHIP will participate in the Naomi Kadar International Yiddish Summer at Tel Aviv University, followed by a week-long trip to Poland - “Exploring Yiddishland” – led by a Columbia Faculty member in the summer of 2017. For more information see:

New Course: Telling LGBT History HIST GU 4547

"Telling LGBT History," HIST GU 4547  Instructors: David Eisenbach and Sarah Witte. W 12:10-2PM, 302 Fayerweather. LGBT history is a story that has just begun to be told. By focusing on LGBT history, this course will explore how history gets told to a popular audience. Students will learn the process of telling popular history from gathering archival material, to writing a good story, to presenting it in books, film/television and museum exhibits. Working directly with artifacts in the archives students will learn how to view artifacts with an eye to raising new questions.

Learn Yiddish This Semester

Our Yiddish language classes offer not only an introduction to the language that has been spoken by the Ashkenazi Jews for more than a millennium, but also an opportunity to discover the amazing world of Yiddish literature, and culture. Using new media, games and music, as well as field trips to Yiddish theater, Yiddish-speaking neighborhoods, and Yiddish organizations, you'll learn how to speak, read, listen and write in a language that gives you access to the enormously rich Yiddish culture that waits for new explorers. Be part of the generation that revives Yiddish!

Arduino Basics | Tinkering with Sensors and Servos (9/27)

Tuesday, September 27

1:00 p.m.

401 Northwest Corner Building, Science & Engineering Library


Stressbusters Training Fall 2016

Stressbusters training starts this week! Join Stressbusteres and provide your fellow Columbia community members with the gift of a stress-relieving neck and back rub! You will learn about stress, become familiar with on-campus resources, and master neck and back rub techniques! RSVP by The dates an times of training are as follows:

  • Part 1: Thursday, September 15th, 6-7pm OR Friday, September 16th, 2-3pm

Volunteer for Read Ahead

Join us as a volunteer with Read Ahead, and help light a fire in the life of a child! Read Ahead ignites a love of reading in young students through mentoring, improving their confidence as well as their odds for success in school and life.


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