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Center for Student Advising

Open Houses 2015

The CC Open Houses are for major exploration.

Committee on Academic Standing

What is the Committee on Academic Standing?

CAS is comprised of Advisers and Advising Deans from the Center for Student Advising (CSA).  CAS upholds the policies and regulations of the Colu

Programs and Resources

The Center for Student Advising hosts programs and events and provides specialized advising for various populations.

Academic Policies

The Center for Student Advising is responsible for convening the Committee on Academic Standing, which upholds the academic policies established by the faculty committees of Columbia College and th


The SEAS Bulletin publishes the complete list of available minors and their requirements.

Nontechnical Electives

Columbia Engineering students must complete 9-11 points of elective nontechnical coursework.

Nontechnical Requirements: Art or Music

Columbia Engineering students are required to take one of either Art Humanities or Music Humanities.

Masterpieces of We

Nontechnical Requirements: Core Humanities

Columbia Engineering students must complete two semesters of a Core Humanities sequence. Students may choose between:


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