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Berick Center for Student Advising

Nontechnical Electives

Columbia Engineering students must complete 9-11 points of elective nontechnical coursework.

Nontechnical Requirements: Art or Music

Columbia Engineering students are required to take one of either Art Humanities or Music Humanities.

Masterpieces of We

Nontechnical Requirements: Core Humanities

Columbia Engineering students must complete two semesters of a Core Humanities sequence. Students may choose between:

Nontechnical Requirements

The nontechnical requirement enhances the Engineering curriculum.

First-Year/Sophomore Technical Requirements

The first- and second-year curriculum at The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science is designed to provide students with a firm background of pure science as well as a comprehensiv

The Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum has, since 1919, provided students with wide-ranging perspectives on significant ideas and achievements in literature, philosophy, history, music, art, and science.  The cl

Academic Resources in Support of Excellence (ARISE)

There is a wide range of departments and services available to help students who are having difficulties in a particular course or with academic expectations in general.

Columbia MeetUps

Columbia Events Around The World

In addition to attending our Summer Advising programs,


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